How to Recalibrate a Hayward Aqua Rite Turbo Cell

We often get calls from people having a problem where their Hayward Aqua Rite salt chlorinator system is reading a different salt level than manual testing. Often times, pool owners can solve this by recalibrating the salt cell. Here is how to recalibrate a Hayward Aqua Rite Turbo Cell in three simple steps.

how to recalibrate hayward aqua rite

The first thing to do is to remove the cell and check the blades inside for buildup. If there is buildup follow the procedure for cleaning the cell outlined in How To Maintain And Extend The Life Of Your Salt Cell. If there is no buildup, it’s time to re-calibrate the cell! I’ll walk you through how to do that in this post.

        1. Turn Salt System Off and On
          With the pump running, take the power switch down to the “Off” position, and then back up to “Auto”. You should hear a click within 10 or 15 seconds. When you do, press the diagnostic button five times in a row. The system will go through a recalibration process.
        2. Average Salt Reading
          Wait until the numbers stop changing. If the system settles on or near a number that is close to what you believe to be the salt level in the pool, slide the power switch up to “Super Chlorinate”, then back down to “Auto”. This will lock that number in as the new average salt reading.
        3. Assess the Salt Cell Reading
          If the salt system settles on a number that is unrealistic, there may be something wrong with your system or salt cell. The most likely issue is that your salt cell needs to be replaced. It could also be that the board in your power center needs to be replaced.
          At this point you will want to call Hayward at (866) 429-7665. Their tech support team will usually be able to help you determine which part needs replacement. They will need the serial number from the inside of your control panel door (located under a bar code). And the install date of your system if you know it.If you have any questions or comments, please post a comment below or contact us at (800) 772-0467.