Top 10 Winterizing Products

Top 10 Winterizing Products

Now that summer is coming to an end, let’s take a look at the Top 10 products for a clean and worry-free pool during the off-season.


PolarShield Winterizing Kit

Take the guesswork out of winterizing chemicals with a Winterizing Chemical Kit. These one-click bundles provide everything you need to prevent algae and contaminants throughout the winter. Winterizing your pool maintains the water and equipment, saving you time and money in the spring!

Winter Chemical Pool Closing Kit

  • Suitable for In-Ground and Above Ground Pools up to 20,000 gallons
  • Prevents algae
  • Includes 2 lbs of Di-Chlor Shock and 1 qt of Winter Algaecide to remove any contaminants

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Swimming Pool Anti-Freeze

After you drain your in-ground pool’s plumbing and equipment, it’s time to add the insurance policy, a.k.a. Swimming Pool Anti-Freeze. This non-toxic solution is specifically designed for swimming pools and will protect the plumbing down to -40° F. Now, that’s cold!

  • Non-Toxic
  • Safe for all types of pool plumbing
  • 100% Propylene Glycol

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Little Giant Cover Pump

There is nothing little about the peace of mind provided from the Little Giant Cover Pump. This product not only removes heavy weight on your cover caused by water accumulation, but does it automatically in 2” of water. Just place the unit on your pool cover and watch the Little Giant Pool Cover Pump do all the work.

pool cover pump

  • Automatically turns on in 2″ of water
  • Removes water from all types of covers
  • Use right out of the box

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Air Pillows

Air Pillows were developed to keep your Above Ground pool’s structure safe during the harsh winter months. These products serve two important functions: 1) Absorb freezing water pressure and 2) Provide protection from rain, snow and leaves that fall on your winter cover. Make sure to add an Air Pillow under the Winter Cover when closing your pool for the off-season.

pool cover air pillows

  • For Above Ground Pools
  • Available in 4’x4′, 4’x8′, and 4’x15′
  • Prevents damage to pool structure
  • Reduces strain on cover due to storms and debris

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Air Supply Liner Vac

One of the most important accessories for any in-ground pool owner, the Air Supply Liner Vac makes winterizing your pool’s plumbing a blast…literally! It’s as easy as: opening up the plumbing valve that you would like to clear, insert the Liner Vac hose, turn it on and watch this product go to work! After clearing your pool’s plumbing, remember to add Pool Anti-Freeze to prevent your pipes from freezing and cracking during the cold off-season.

cyclone winterizing blower

  • Easy to install, remove, and service
  • Three-Stage bypass blower motor
  • 3HP, 120V, 14A

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Double Water Tubes

These heavy-duty water tubes will tightly secure the winter cover to protect your in-ground pool against inclement weather. One word can describe Water Tubes: EASY. Easy installation. Easy storage. Easy maintenance. Make sure to use the Pool Size Chart on the Water Tube page to calculate the correct amount of tubes needed to secure your winter cover.

double water tubes

  • Tightly secures your winter cover
  • Heavy duty 18-gauge plastic
  • Easy to store during the swimming season

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Non-Electric Cover Pump

Protect your winter cover from water-weight by using a Non-Electric Cover Pump. This pump can siphon up to 5 gallons of water per minute, with no need for batteries or electricity. The Swimline Non-Electric pump is also a fraction of the price of an electric pump. This is a must for all above ground pool owners!

non electric siphon winter cover pump

  • No electricity required
  • For Above Ground pool covers
  • Drains up to 5 gallons per minute

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Pool Cover Clips

Pool Cover Clips are another must-have for above ground winter covers. This affordable accessory will keep your cover sealed tight during the harsh winter months by simply gripping against the top rail like a clothespin.

pool cover clips

  • 6″ Cover Clips
  • Tough to endure the harsh winter weather
  • Available as a single clip, 10, 20 and 30-packs

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Winter Cover Seal

Have you ever experienced issues with wind getting under your winter cover and exposing your pool to the elements? Not only can this impact the water chemistry, but can significantly increase wear and tear on your cover. The simple and proven solution to avoid this problem is by wrapping the perimeter of your winter cover with the Polarshield Winter Seal. Similar to plastic wrap, this product tightly seals your pool all winter-long.

pool cover seal

  • Tough poly-blend film material
  • Creates airtight seal around winter cover
  • Helps keeps pool water clean
  • Protects winter cover against wear and tear

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Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect + PHOSfree

This natural product helps reduce phosphates and non-living organic waste to near zero in your pool. We recommend using this product when closing your pool, ensuring an easy opening next spring. Since your water will not be moving as much during the off-season, Pool Perfect will also prevent waterline rings and non-living organic staining. Protect your pool water with this eco-friendly, but powerful, product!

pool perfect phosfree

  • Maintains phosphate level near zero
  • Cleans waterline and filter with reducing surface oils
  • Eco-friendly

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For additional information on winterizing chemicals for your pool, please visit our WINTERIZING page and the blog link below!

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