Winter Covers – The Cheap Investment to Protect Your Large Investment

Winter Covers Review

One of the biggest obstacles of pool ownership is preparation for the cold winter months.

The easiest and most affordable way to guarantee clear water next spring is by protecting your pool with a Winter Cover. Typically ranging from $25 – $350 for common sizes, there is a cover for every pool and every budget.

How do Winter Covers work?

Winter Covers are constructed of a UV-resistant material that provides protection against algae-feeding sunlight. The thick material also keeps dirt and debris out of your pool, while reducing the need for chemicals and maintenance during the winter. The tightly weaved material has heat-sealed seams to safeguard your pool against inclement weather. One of the greatest benefits of a Winter Cover is the protection against water evaporation during the off-season. When shopping for a winter cover with PoolSupplyWorld, you may notice that each cover has a warranty ranging from 8 – 20 years. A longer warranty corresponds to a tougher cover!

What if I don’t use a Winter Cover?

Depending on your location, a Winter Cover can be the difference between a hassle-free spring opening or a labor-intensive, 2-week opening. Even if you live in a warm weather state, we offer light options for mild winters. These covers will protect against unwanted intruders, leaves, and debris, while cutting down on chemical consumption. Remember, Winter Covers block UV rays, so by not using a cover, pool owners run the risk of algae blooms, scale build-up and stain clean-up next spring.

What else do I need?

PoolSupplyWorld makes winter-closing easy with our Pool Closing Chemical Kits. For lasting convenience, many pool owners also add an AquaPill WinterPill to protect against scale, staining and cloudy water.

Above Ground Pool Accessories:

Before you cover your pool for the winter, make sure to add Air Pillows to create an added layer of protection against the harsh weather. Air Pillows not only absorb freezing water pressure, but they also protect against rain and leaves by distributing the weight off of the center. All above-ground winter covers include a Winch and Cable for easy installation. The cable and winch will tighten the cover against the top rail of your pool. Water Bags can be attached to the cable to add extra weight and tighten the cover around the edges of your pool. For an airtight seal, we recommend applying a Cover Seal around the perimeter of the fastened cover. The Winter Cover Seal creates an airtight seal to keep your pool water clean. It will also protect your winter cover from premature wear and tear. Last, but certainly not least, it is a good idea to keep a Little Giant Cover Pump on-hand. Cover Pumps can be a pool owner’s best friend during the storm season. Set this product on the cover’s top and watch it pump the water (and weight) with ease! It also automatically turns on in 2″ of water; leaving no need to worry after large rainstorms.

In-Ground Pool Accessories:

In-ground Winter Covers lay on the deck surrounding the pool, held in place with Water Tubes. There is no need to drill anchor points around your pool, unlike Safety Covers. In-Ground Winter Covers are typically in a rectangular shape, leaving excess material around your pool. This will provide plenty of area for the Water Tubes. We also recommend using PolarShield Pool Anti-Freeze when winterizing the pool’s plumbing to prevent cracking due to freezing water.

Added layer of protection:

Many pool owners will also install a Leaf Net over their Winter Cover. Leaf Nets will help disburse the weight of leaves and debris, while allowing water through. Leaf Nets come in three shapes: Round, Oval and Rectangle. This makes for quick and easy maintenance throughout the off-season!

In a nutshell, Winter Covers are:

  • Easy to install
  • Protect against harsh weather and debris
  • Lower chemical consumption and water evaporation
  • Lessen maintenance during off-season
  • Make opening your pool a breeze each spring!

For additional information on winterizing your pool you can also visit our WINTERIZING page and the blog link below!

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