10,000+ Positive PoolSupplyWorld Reviews and Counting!

We use a few different methods for measuring how we’re doing, on a customer satisfaction front, and we recently passed a milestone on our Shopper Approved account–10,000 four and five star reviews! Here’s a snapshot for posterity, but I recommend clicking through and reading some of the real PoolSupplyWorld Reviews left by our customers!

PoolSupplyWorld ShopperApproved Ratings


We work hard to deliver the best experience possible to our customers, and work hard to continually improve. In addition to the 10,000 positive reviews on Shopper Approved, we also have 80,000 transactions monitored by the Google Trusted Store program.

PoolSupplyWorld Google Trusted Store
As of October 11th, 2013.

We also collect more PoolSupplyWorld Reviews on BizRate, where we have a ton of green smiley faces to indicate our overall performance among customers who rate us using that service.

While this is great news for shoppers, as you can easily tell what level of service you can expect from us before you order, we don’t stop there.

We’re always aiming for 100% satisfaction, after all. See how there’s a 96% “on-time shipping” on the Google Trusted Store badge? That’s great–but we’re not happy yet. Even the 99.9% “issue-free ordering” is only a good start, not a finish line. If you were one of the small number of customers who submitted a critical review, odds are that you received an email shortly thereafter (often from me, actually) where we thank you for helping us improve, and offering to help when ever we can.

What happens to critical reviews?

First, we use independent review services to ensure impartiality, so you can actually go and read the few that we’ve missed on–trust me, we have. If you submit a critical review, here’s what you can expect:

  • If there’s an issue that we (marketing and management) can address directly (trouble with a coupon, for example), then we’ll email you to let you know that we’re taking care of it, and to apologize–and we mean it.
  • If there’s a more significant issue with the order, then the marketing or management team will email you to let you know that we are listening, and that we’ve shared your comments with our Customer Care team, who should follow up with you shortly.
  • If you encountered a technical issue, then we will thank you for letting us know, and then we follow up with our engineering team to see if we can dig up what happened.

We have every critical review sent directly to the cell phones of the management team. If there’s something unique that doesn’t fit one of these cases, we mobilize as much of our teams as it takes to take care of the customer to the very best of our abilities. We take our jobs very seriously, and love seeing it done well. So, what about the positive reviews?

What happens to positive reviews?

As much as we see critical reviews as a constructive part of our business’s operation, we have to admit I like to see positive reviews a lot more. We don’t reply to all of the positive reviews, as they rarely need it, but we still read them as quickly as I can. There are often still bits of constructive criticism in them, as even happy customers will notice things that we could be doing even better. From there, these reviews mostly help future shoppers evaluate us as they’re shopping.

  • Positive feedback helps us prioritize future site improvements, as it lets us know what you like!
  • Shopper Approved and BizRate host pages that show our aggregate ratings, as well as the actual comments from our customers.
  • Google aggregates these (and other) review sources into the star ratings you see in Google search results and ads, as well as the “Seller Rating” in Google Shopping results.
  • Shoppers see these aggregate reviews, and use them to inform their decisions when comparing pool supply sites.

While we love seeing our positive reviews, their ultimate purpose is to help future shoppers make an informed decision on where they buy their pool and spa supplies. All of the other benefits are really tangential to that goal. When it comes down to it, we really want two things: We want you to buy your pool supplies from the retailer that will provide you with the best overall experience, and we want to be that retailer. It’s as simple as that.

Thanks so much for shopping with us! We’ll keep working to make your next shopping experience with us even better.