5 Upgrades Every Pool Owner Should Consider

Owning a swimming pool means having to make some important financial decisions. While some upgrades might reduce your monthly costs, there are other options that might increase them. Large equipment like heat pumps and salt chlorination systems usually take a year or two before you start to see any return on the initial start-up costs. To help make your choices a little easier before you invest your money, here are five swimming pool equipment upgrades that every homeowner should make for a better value.


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1. Salt Water Sanitation

Traditional chlorine sanitization methods are on their way out—there’s a new alternative in town.

Salt systems provide pool owners with softer, silkier water, easier maintenance, and eliminate the need to deal with the weekly hassle of messy chlorine tablets.

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2. Robotic Pool Cleaners

Let’s face it, cleaning a pool is not easy and most pool owners hate doing it.

With a robotic cleaner all you have to do is turn it on ,drop it in your pool, and within a few hours your pool is sparkling clean.

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pentair intelliflo
3. Variable Speed Pool Pumps

A standard pool pump can consume more energy than all your home appliances combined.

Variable speed technology allows you to run your pump at very low speeds, and by doing so dramatically reduce your energy usage along with it!

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Try our Pool Pump Savings Calculator

See How Much You Could Be Saving by Upgrading your Pool Pump.


4. L.E.D. Replacement Bulbs

Brighter, more efficient, and eco-friendly.

L.E.D. lighting uses up 75% less wattage versus incandescent lights.

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5. Heat Pumps

Start your pool season earlier and extend it further.

Compared to electric & gas heaters, heat pumps warm your pool at a fraction of the cost by absorbing ambient air and transferring the heat to your water.

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Are you ready to upgrade your pool equipment but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help! Just leave us a comment below or get in touch with us here.

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