8 Ways to Maintain & Use Your Hot Tub Right Now

We all know how it feels to take your socks off just before you hop into bed in the middle of winter when temperatures are at or below zero degrees fahrenheit.

You probably also know that you’re supposed to “warm up” before exercising or participating in a team sport.

Well, it’s true. You’re more likely to pull a cold muscle than a warm one, so what better time of year is there to be using your hot tub? Winter is the perfect season and we have some quick tips to help you maintain and USE your spa right now!

Here are 8 Ways to Maintain & Use Your Hot Tub Today


Make sure your spa cover is on when not in use, that the seal is tight, and lock the handles for extra peace of mind. This will keep the water you’ve just heated as warm as possible between soaks.


Keep the temperature consistent. It’s cheaper and less taxing on your spa heater to keep your water a mild, warm temperature around 75 degrees F, than to crank the heat and try to increase your whirlpool from 50 to 100 degrees in a under an hour.


Use a thermal hot tub blanket under the cover on the surface of the water – this traps any mild heat you’re supplying to maintain the temperature while saving you precious dollars.


Be careful not to exceed a temperature of 102 degrees. Super hot water in super cold weather can shock your nervous system and cause dizziness and fainting, or worse. Don’t become a statistic!


Turn air controllers and jets OFF when you’re not using them. Cold air is used to push the water out of the hot tub jets and cold air will cool your water – makes sense! Also, if your jacuzzi is covered, the forced air can break the seal and allow warm air to escape.


When you are taking a dip in your hot tub, open any waterfall valves you may have to allow warm water to pass through the pipes. This will eliminate any freezing in sub-zero temperatures.


Make sure to watch your water level! You won’t want it to dip below any component parts while they are operating as this can cause significant damage from freezing and seizing.

BONUS TIP: Keep your garden hose inside during the winter months so it isn’t frozen solid when you need it to top-off the hot tub!


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, never stop your weekly spa maintenance routine whether you’re using, or not using, your spa. Preventing cloudy, contaminated water from festering in a warm environment will save you major coin and inconvenience.

There, that wasn’t so hard was it? It really is a great time of year to enjoy your backyard investment. Simple hot tub maintenance check-ins and temperature monitoring takes less than 15 minutes per week, and gives you the freedom and satisfaction of using your spa on the fly. Normally that kind of spontaneity could cause you to pull a muscle, but not if you’ve followed these 8 simple steps and are USING your spa this winter!

If your cover is worn or damaged and won’t make it through the rest of the season – check out our Custom Spa Cover Builder today. And remember, shipping is always FREE!

Need more reasons than just a “warm-up” to entice you to use your spa? Learn about the health benefits of your hot tub.

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Kelsey Maxon
Kelsey was a Varsity swimmer in high school, so has spent PLENTY of time in chlorinated water. She sub-contracted her own pool build last summer and learned a TON about pool equipment and chemicals. While the pool and hot tub feel natural and relaxing, her happy place is a comfy pair of skinny jeans, a cup of coffee, having something to organize, and adventuring across the globe with her family.