Baracuda MX8 Improved and Better Than Ever

Since the Baracuda MX8 suction side cleaner was released by Zodiac Pool Systems, many tired cleaners have been shuffled off to oblivion and replaced by this sporty, innovative option for in-ground pools. The MX8 has a few key features that make it a favorite, including:
Wide TraxWide Trax Tires:
Wide Trax tires give it the grip to climb walls and stairs as well as the torque to clear obstacles like main drains and return jets.
Removable inletRemovable Inlet Assembly:
Removable inlet assembly snaps over the cleaner’s intake port to give you better control over debris collection.
Flex Power TurbinePatented Flex Power Turbine Technology:
Patented Flex Power Turbine technology means ultra-efficient operation at the lowest flow rates of any cleaner on the market today.
The latest industry buzz is that the MX8 has been updated, and while the outward appearance and the sku/part number of the MX8 stay the same, the new version of the MX8 – or MX8 2.0, as we affectionately call it – was developed to give you better cleaning performance and greatly enhance the long-term durability of the cleaner.
Patented Flex Power Turbine:
The secret to the updated MX8 is the focus on its Patented Flex Power Turbine, which results in ultra-efficient operation at flow rates as low as 20 GPM. Not only does this greatly increase your energy savings, but it means that the cleaner can effectively be paired with a wider range of pool pumps, including variable speed, dual speed, and pumps with lower horsepower ratings, so you have more flexibility when you shop.
Jandy Flo ProFriendly Note:
The pump you need depends on the size of your pool and the equipment you’re running with your setup. If you have questions about compatibility, feel free to call PoolSupplyWorld or write your question below.
Flow Rates and Installation Help:
Many of the issues that customers had with the original MX8 were caused by flow rates that were higher than the cleaner needed, which can cause issues with the gearbox and lead to the need for repeated service.
With the new MX8, Zodiac has made enhancements to strengthen the gearbox and broaden the range of flow at which the cleaner operates. Still, it’s important that you dial in your flow rates according to the included instructions when you first install the cleaner, and periodically check flow rates with the included flow gauge.
To make installation easier, Zodiac has also started including a Quick Start guide with tips to help get your flow rates just right at start-up, as well as a 4 step, non-adhesive paper ‘donut’ (pictured) on the cleaner body with basic instructions.
Have Questions or Need Support?
If you have questions about anything mentioned in this article, you’re welcome to contact PoolSupplyWorld at 800.772.0467 or Zodiac’s customer support team at 800.822.7933. You can also submit an online request with Zodiac at Request Support.