Benefits of Owning a Solar Pool Cover

Benefits of Owning a Solar Pool Cover

What are the benefits of having a Solar Cover and do I really need one?

Yes! Solar Covers are very cost effective and provide many benefits to pool owners.

They effectively heat pool water by allowing the sun’s rays to enter the pool, while its air bubbles trap the pool’s heat during the night. Solar covers can warm the water temperature by 10-15 degrees when the pool receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight and is completely covered. So when your pool is not in use, it’s best to keep it covered.

Increasing the water temperature will allow you to enjoy a longer swim season and get more use out of your pool investment!

Save Money with a Solar Cover

In addition, using a solar cover can actually save you money by reducing the amount of water evaporation by up to 95%, which means refilling your pool less. Furthermore, chemicals that are broken down by UV rays or evaporated from the pool must be replaced to keep the water balanced and sanitary. A solar cover can also save you money by reducing overall chemical use by as much as 35-60%.

Solar covers are a small investment that provide big benefits so you can’t go wrong with putting one on your pool!

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