The Benyak’s Texas Retreat – Swimming Pool Build Story

Wow! That was our first response when we saw this week’s swimming pool build from Cypress, Tx. The Benyak family came up with a beautiful plan to build a complete outdoor living space. A swimming pool with covered concrete decking, a fireplace, and lush landscaping.


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The Dream

The Benayk’s had a family of 7 and knew they wanted to spend a lot of time outdoors. So the plan was to build something that could accommodate a large group. After saving enough money for the project, the Benyak family began meeting with pool builders and collecting quotes. When it came time to choose a builder, the Benyak’s did not rely solely on price. Rather, they chose they builder they felt would do the best job. And based on the outcome, they made the right choice! Check out this magnificent design.

cy02 cy03

The Build Breakdown


119 Linear Ft. Perimeter
Depth 3.5′- 5.5′
Approx. 33′ x 20′
6″ Deep Sun shelf at Entry with 2 Bubbler Fountains
Stairs on both ends of pool
12″ x 12″ Natural Travertine Coping on Pool & Spa
Std 6×6 Waterline Pool Tile
4″ Deck Drain System- Run to street
Overflow Drain Tied into Drainage System
Automatic Fill Line with valve
6- Return Lines
1- Cleaner Line
2- Anti-Vortex Main Drains
2- Skimmers


7′ Interior
Stacked Flagstone or Travertine Spa Spillway
ColorLogic LED Color Changing Spa Light
2 level Seating
Contoured backrest
6- Hydro Air Jets
2- Anti-Vortex Main Drains
2 HP Silencer Blower

1015 sqft. Tumbled Travertine Pavers
(full equipment list at the end of this article)

Starting Out

The builder estimated 75 days for the build, pending the HOA approval. After the good news rolled in from the HOA, the build was underway!



After digging was done, the crew made quick work with the rebar.



The following day Gunite went in. The pool was starting to take shape!


That’s some impressive work!


Making Progress

There comes a point when your backyard literally looks like it was hit by a bomb. Despite the lackluster appearance, this is what progress looks like!


The builders began the stonework on the coping and spa.


The pool equipment has arrived!

cy12 cy13


And Finally…they started the framing for the cover. Man, this thing is HUGE! 16×24. 2×16’s on the sides and laminated beams for the 24′ span”. What a talented carpenter!


The tile-work continued…


The fireplace framing was constructed….


And the base for the decking laid. The backyard paradise was really starting to take shape!


Complementing an outdoor grill with a large countertop is always a great choice!


Check out this cool top-view of the progress. It gives some perspective about how large the covered area is!


The stonework on the fireplace and the roofing (underside) began going up. Looking great!



The four pillars were lined with stone to match the fireplace. The exposed pillars and support beams were stained for a nice, finished look.



When the plaster was finally finished, the pool was ready to be filled. It’s a great feeling to turn on that hose, but we hope you’re patient! Filling a pool can take a while!



The Finished Product

The construction was completed without a hitch, and the outcome was fantastic. As a finishing touch, the Benyak’s purchased a Katchakid Net for safety. The original goal was a space large enough to entertain a large group of family or friends. I think it’s safe to say the build was a massive success!





The builder of the beauty was Grand Isle Custom Pools. Bravo!


Hayward EcoStar Variable Speed Computerized Pool Pump
Hayward 3/4 HP Pool Cleaner Booster Pump
425 sqft. Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filter
Hayward ProLogic PS-8 with Digital Wireless Remote, & In Home Docking Station
Hayward H-Series 400,000BTU Pool Heater
Hayward T-Cell 15 Salt System
Hayward ColorLogic LED Color-changing lights with preset light show functions (2 Pool Lights, 1 Spa Light)
Hayward Neverlube Valves
Polaris 280 BlackMax Pressure Side Automatic Pool Cleaner
Wet Edge- Luna Quartz Premium Interior Finish
20 linear Ft.- +12″ High Raised Pool Wall
2 Main Drains
Capped with Travertine Coping
Faced Flagstone Back
5- Pool Columns



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