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When shopping for pool equipment, there’s a large amount of options available to the everyday consumer. It’s easy to get lost in the hype of new products or the long list of features that can sound, somewhat, foreign at times. To make the process simpler, we compiled a list of tried and true products based on the reviews/feedback of our customers and our personal experience.
baracuda g3
Baracuda G3 Suction Side Cleaner
quaotationsIt’s easy to assemble, install and works great. I have the cleanest pool now with so much less work on my part. quotations
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If you have a pool with a dedicated suction line, the Baracuda G3 Suction Side Pool Cleaner is a great option to look at. The cleaner is notable for its reliability and maneuverability. The large finned disk hugs and scrubs the pool surface, enabling the cleaner to remove small, large and stubborn debris. The wheel deflector works with the cleaner to maneuver over and around troublesome areas, such as stairs and drains. Both of these features, make the Baracuda G3 a strong reliable choice to cut down on pool maintenance and keep your pool clean.

Dolphin Proteus DX5i
Dolphin Proteus DX5i Robotic Pool Cleaner
quaotations1 Dolphin does it again! quotations2
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The Dolphin Proteus DX5i Robotic Pool Cleaner continues to be a staple in the robotic pool cleaner industry. The cleaner’s self learning technology makes cleaning a breeze for pool owners and has two cleaning cycle options: 1 or 2 hours. Just plug in the cleaner and let it go to work. This intelligent robotic pool cleaner will scan and map your pool in 20 minutes, or you can take the controls and navigate the DX5i from your smart phone!

polaris 280
Polaris 280 Pressure Side Cleaner
quaotations1This product has exceeded in all phases of what I bought it for. Top of the line in performance, cleaning, and ease of use. quotations2
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A long running staple in the pool industry, the Polaris 280 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner gains it spot on the list for its long lasting reliability and reputation. The Polaris 280 is for use in pools with a dedicated pressure line. The cleaner utilizes pressure to propel itself, scrubbing and sweeping your pool while catching large and small debris in the built-in filtration bag. The use of a filtration bag creates less strain on pool systems and filters, extending the length of time between filter cleanings and your pool’s equipment..

hayward single speed pump
Hayward SP2607X10 High Performance 1HP Pump
quaotations1 Really amazed how much quieter it is. My pool is beautifully clean and looking soooo inviting – glad it’s summer. quotations2

The high performance and quiet operation of the Hayward SP2607X10 Pool Pump, makes it extremely popular for pool owners. The pump has a strong reputation in the pool industry as being a long lasting, dependable pump with easy installation and operation. The Hayward SP2607X10 works with spas and pools of any size.

pentair whisperflo
Pentair WFDS-28 WhisperFlo Dual Speed Pump
quaotations1Provides a simple user friendly solution to saving money. quotations2

The Pentair WhisperFlo WFDS-28 Dual Speed pump runs at two speeds in order to optimize your pool’s energy consumption. With a simple switch, users can run the Pentair WFDS-28 on high for water circulation or low for tasks, such as cleaners or water features. This reduces friction and energy consumption, preventing unnecessary wear on your pool equipment and saving pool owners money on energy costs. The low price point and quiet operation makes this a popular choice for pool owners.

pentair variable speed pool pump
Pentair 011028 IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump
quaotations1 This pump is just as advertised. It is extremely quiet and simple to program. My electricity usage during filtering has been
cut in half. quotations2

The Pentair 011028 IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump is one of the most notable items on the list. The IntelliFlo and variable speed pumps in general are gaining a ton of interest in the pool world, and for good reason. The Pentair Intelliflo enables pool owners to optimize their pool operation and cut energy consumption by up to 90%. Unlike any other pool pump on the market, variable speed pumps use permanent magnet motors like you would find in hybrid cars. This, combined with the option to run your pool system at optimum speeds, greatly reduces your energy costs. Considering that your pool is often the largest energy consumer in your house, products like the IntelliFlo are a “no brainer” for many pool owners. If your thinking about upgrading or switching to a variable speed pump like the IntelliFlo, check for rebates in your area that can save you big on a new variable speed pump.

polaris booster pump
Polaris PB4-60 3/4 HP Booster Pump
quaotations1This is the quietest pump I’ve ever owned!It has the perfect power for my off side pool cleaner. I would Highly reccommend this pump to any one! quotations2

Made for popular pressure side cleaners like the Polaris 280, 380, 480PRO and 3900 Sport, the Polaris PB4-60 is easy to install and powers your Polaris cleaner with ease. The 3/4 HP MagneTek motor is quiet and durable, extending the lifespan and durability of the pump. The pump relieves pressure and wear on your pool system, reducing the required maintenance for filters.

hayward cartridge filter
Hayward C900 Star-Clear Plus Cartridge Filter
quaotations1Great filter. Upgraded from an aging sand filter and now my pool is crystal clear, the return jets have much more pressure. I also puts lets strain on my pump so I can now run the pool cleaner and skimmer at the same time while before I had to choose one or the other. quotations2

The Hayward C900 Cartridge Filter comes with a larger filtration unit, utilizing a larger effective filtration area than other cartridge filters of the same size. The filter does this while increasing the flow of your pool system, reducing energy consumption and wear on your pool pump, making this one of our favorite filters on the market.

pentair sand filter
Pentair 145333 Sand Filter
quaotations1My pool went from algae green to crystal-clear within three days. It’s the first filter out of three that I have put on my pool that works magnificently. My pool is now virtually maintenance free! The best choice I’ve made for pool equiptment in years! quotations2

The Pentair 145333 Sand Filter makes our list due to its simple and easy maintenace.Water passes through the sand in the filter, catching unwanted dirt and contaminants, leaving pool owners with clean and clear water. Over time, dirt and debris accumulate and have to be backwashed. Simply, turn your pool system to backwash and the dirt and contaminants are removed from your filter using a backwash line. The process is extremely easy and reliable.

pentair de filter
Pentair 188592 Quad D.E. Filter
quaotations1The filter is outstanding. Helped me clean an algae filled mess in one run. Filter cleanup was a breeze. quotations2

The Pentair 188592 Quad D.E. Pool Filter provides the highest water clarity while lowering pump pressure and reducing maintenance costs. The filter uses Diatomaceous Earth or D.E. to catch and remove particles as low as 5 microns for the cleanest water available. The Pentair 188592 requires little maintenance and the larger filter area allows for more time before required maintenance periods. When maintenance is required, it’s simple. backwash and recharge like a traditional D.E. filter, remove and rinse the cartridges or remove the drain plug and rinse the cartridges in place.

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