Booster Pump Comparison Guide and Reviews

Booster Pump Comparison

Most pressure side cleaners require a pool booster pump to work. These dedicated pool pumps drive the cleaner, and upgrading or replacing an old one is one of the easiest equipment upgrades one can make. Old boosters will often grow louder over time, and become less energy efficient in the process. If you’re looking to replace yours, there are four common options; one from Polaris, one from Kreepy Krauly, one from Pentair, and one from Waterway.

To start with, let’s take a look at them all side-by-side.

Kreepy Krauly LA01N

Waterway 3810430-1PDA

  • HP: 3/4 HP
  • Connection: Standard 3/4″
  • Current:13A (115v), 6.5A (230V)
  • HP: 3/4 HP
  • Connection: 1 1/2″
  • Current: 13.3A (115v), 6.8A (230V)

Pentair LA-MS05 Boost-Rite

Polaris PB4-60

  • Connection: Standard 3/4″
  • Designed to be a Universal Booster Pump
  • HP: 3/4 HP
  • Connection: Standard 3/4″
  • Current: 12.8A (115v), 6.4A (230V)

Now, this article promised a comparison, and there’s a lot here that looks the same–that’s accurate. All three are three-quarter horsepower, use about the same amount of energy to run, carry similar warranties, and are often (depending on promotions and supply) mixing it up on price with one another.

There is one major functional difference with the Waterway 3810430-1PDA –it’s the only one with 1.5″ connections, rather than the standard .75″. Therefore, it’s a bit of a black sheep in this comparison. The Pentair Boost-Rite also has the option to switch from .75″ to 1″. Other than these points, there are more similarities than differences. There is, however, one notable difference.

People love the PB4-60

With 251 out of the 278 reviews (as this is being written) being a full five-star, it’s clear that this pump is meeting and exceeding people’s expectations.

The Pentair Boost-Rite may run quiet and perform great, but it still has a long way to go to compete with the Polaris PB4-60. For example, with so few reviews, even a few negative ones can considerably impact it’s average, which has not happened as of now. Even so, it’s less overall reviews than the Kreepy Krauly LA01N might draw eyes to the more popular PB4-60. It has been praised for being quiet (as intended), though, so you may want to consider it if noise is a primary concern for you.

Kreepy Krauly, a brand possibly best known for suction-side cleaners, has a smaller audience than the Polaris line, but has a respectable rating of 8 five-star reviews (at the time this blog was published) if you’re looking to match brand across your equipment.

In the end, the Polaris PB4-60 still dominates, at least among PoolSupplyWorld booster pump shoppers.

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