The Bintcliffe’s Retreat in Cypress, Texas

This week we’re proud to feature an amazing build in Cypress, Texas that is sure to turn some heads. Just like our last build story, this one comes from a member of the TroubleFreePool forums!



The build started out with a beautiful design including:

  • Free-form gunite pool
  • Attached free-form spa
  • Flagstone patio
  • Rock cave with waterfall and slide
  • Palm trees and tropical landscaping
  • Custom built fire pit for cool winter nights.

The plans were gorgeous and we couldn’t wait to see the final product. With this many features, the Bintcliffe’s build is sure to create many lasting memories.

Check out this 3-D rendering and virtual tour of the plans! Not many pool builders offer such and in-depth look before breaking ground!

backyard pool build


The pool build began without a hitch. The builders staked out the perimeter, began to dig, and the Bintcliffe family watched in anticipation of the backyard paradise.

backyard pool build

The formwork came together nicely. The next step was to assemble rebar for structure support. The pool builder was working wonders and everything looked great.

backyard pool build 10

I’m very happy with the PB so far. Considering they weren’t scheduled to dig until Saturday it’s been an incredibly organized day. Rebar crew got here 45 mins before digging crew were done and they are now working fast but with incredible skill. Very impressive to watch.”

backyard pool build 13

With the rebar installation complete, the dream was becoming a reality. Below you can see the spa on the right, slide on the left, and planters flanking each side.

backyard pool build 15

“Excited! Sure we’re not the most popular people in the street this morning though; 5 trucks plus pickups turned up at 6.30am!”

TIP: When putting in a brand new pool there is a lot of construction work, noise etc. Something some owners overlook, be sure give your neighbors advanced notice, things will go much smoother.

backyard pool build 16

Gunite application began and this oasis started to take form. Drop cloths, as Dave (TFP user Duraleigh) pointed out, are a great sign that your pool builder is taking good care of you and your house.

backyard pool build 18

“I really like seeing those “drop cloths” put up…..I think you are in the hands of some pros” -Duraleigh


backyard pool build 21

Titan Gunite are the folks on the job and there work is coming together nicely. You can start to see the pool transform into a beautiful manmade landscape.

backyard pool build 24

The pool equipment arrived! “The heart of the pool”. We love that cleaner (Polaris 280 BlackMax).


After the initial dig and gunite, the process can slow down a little. There is a lot of work to be done and this build was no exception. As they say “The devil is in the details”.

backyard pool build 27

The masonry work followed the gunite application. Paradise felt closer than ever!

backyard pool build 34

Considering the beautiful stone work in progress, the Bintcliffe family debated whether to use a SWCG (Saltwater Chlorine Generator). The stone would have to be sealed every year to protect it from the salt water, but they decided to go with a salt water generator because it’s less irritating to skin

backyard pool build 36

A whopping 8 tons of stone was delivered for the waterfall structure!
The stonework on the waterfall turned out beautiful!

backyard pool build 40

With the stonework capped and the waterfall looking great, grass was removed, and rebar for the deck was laid.

backyard pool build 41

With the fire pit and slide complete, the Bintcliffe family debated about the size of the TV, considering the view from the spa. Not a bad problem to have if you ask me! ;)

backyard pool build 50

Light at the end of the tunnel! The Wet Edge crew got to work on the plaster and acid wash. The Bintcliffe’s decided on the Wet Edge Chilean Beach Tahoe finish.

backyard pool build 52

Let the filling of the pool begin!

“My wife and I have been saying its been like the night before Christmas for about 3 weeks!! I have a feeling I may to have to set my alarm through the night to check on it. It’s filling at a reasonable rate with two hoses in it so we’ll see tonight how it is looking.”

backyard pool build 51

For two weeks, the Bintcliffe’s brushed the pool surface of the pool. After Wet Edge or Pebble Tec is installed, the surface has to be acid etched and then scrubbed to expose the aggregate, giving the pool its color.

backyard pool build 53

“My brushing is paying off! Starting to see the color come through now”!

backyard pool build 56

The pool was looking great, but a couple of items still needed to be completed. The overlay on the decking needed to be finished. Once again, a great crew went to work on their backyard oasis.

backyard pool build 59

“Wow, I knew there was some care involved in the overlay decking process but holy cow these guys are detailed. They’ve spent the best part of 3 hours measuring, taping, using a square, measuring, taping, measuring, taping… The pattern is looking amazing. They have to tape it all out before they can start applying the product. They’re nowhere near done on the taping… I’d say at least another few hours at the very least. Then they apply the texture with the base color. Then I believe that has to dry before they apply the highlighting color. Can’t wait to see it all finished it will bring it all together”.

backyard pool build 61

Safety first! The Bintcliffe family did the responsible thing and prevented any issues by adding a child safety fence. Well done!



During any build there are always obstacles to overcome. Although the Bintcliffe’s build was a very smooth process, they still encountered a few curveballs. There was a leak under the patio (due to original sprinkler installer), and the slide finish had issues.

backyard pool build

The sprinkler issue was solved by a second contractor, after the original installer walked off the job. The original line was capped and a second line was installed properly.

backyard pool build

The slide finish showed cracks immediately. The Bintcliffe family showed the pool builder, who offered to fix the issue, but the Bintcliffe’s decided to hold off to see if the cracks faded with time.

In the end the slide needed refinishing. The finishing crew suggested that some of the acid from the pebble finish crew might have gotten on the slide, deteriorating the finish. The slide was refinished at no additional cost. Gotta love that accountability by the builder!

slide refinish 2


backyard pool build 3

The pool and accents turned out spectacular, just like the original 3D rendering! Every part of the yard catches your eye and draws you in. Congratulations on a beautiful build. We certainly can’t stop looking at it. When’s the next pool party?

backyard pool build 63

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Pool Equipment:

2.7hp Hayward Tristar pump (2)

Booster Pump

Hayward SwimClear 425 sqft Cartridge Filter

Hayward ColorLogic 4.0 Pool Lights

Hayward 400,000 BTU Heater

Polaris 280 BlackMax

Salt Water Chlorine Generator (SWCG)

ProLogic PS8

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