Compupool and why PoolSupplyWorld is no longer Carrying the Brand

If you have visited Pool Supply World recently, you may have noticed a small change in our product line-up. As of recently, due to poor customer reviews, Pool Supply World stopped carrying CompuPool related products. If you need additional support from CompuPool, they can be reached at 1-888-989-7258.

In the past, CompuPool has been a cheap alternative for replacing name-brand salt cells and salt chlorination systems, including the popular Hayward T-Cell 15 Salt Cell. Issues related to the replacement cells and our drive to offer good, reliable products have resulted in Pool Supply World choosing to no longer retail Compupool products. We continue to carry a wide variety of name-brand salt cells, and select generic models (including the PoolSupplyWorld T-Cell 15 linked below).

pool supply world t-cell 15 replacement salt cell

PoolSupplyWorld Generic T-Cell 15 Replacement Salt Cell

  • Generic replacement for the Hayward T-Cell 15
  • Suitable for pools up to 40,000 gallons
  • Comes with a 15′ cord
  • 2″ unions
  • Chlorine output is 1.45 lbs per 24 hours
  • 2 Year Warranty with Full Replacement

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