Convert to LED with Fiberstars Power Tower and Pal-Treo Products

fiberstars power tower

Fiberstars is renowned for their innovative lighting designs and technically advanced products. Their Pool and Spa Division boasts that they are “realizing backyard dreams with lighting and other complementary products.” We absolutely agree. Fiberstars’s newest LED lighting options, the Power Tower Fiber Optic to LED Retrofit and the Pal-Treo Underwater LED RGB Light, are fantastic options to smoothly transition you into the LED generation and give your pool a bright, fresh feeling that will last for years. Here, we’re going to talk about the features and specs of both the Power Tower and the Pal-Treo lights and why they’re an excellent way to breathe new life into your backyard.

Power Tower

fiberstars power tower internals

So how’s this for innovation? The Power Tower is currently the only fiber optic to LED retrofit power center on the market. Not only that, it will retrofit both multi-stranded and solid fiber optics to underwater LED pool lighting. Why make the change, you ask?

  • LED lighting is known for being clean and consistently bright
  • LED lighting provides years of use and better coverage than incandescent and fiber optic lighting
  • Fiber optic towers can lose up to 45% of brightness if they are not maintained correctly

Though it was designed as a retrofit solution, the Power Tower can certainly be used for new applications. You can use an existing Fiberstars fiber optic illuminator base if you’re retrofitting; if not, you’ll need to purchase the Fiberstars Power Tower Illuminator Base separately.

The Power Tower includes a remote control that can manage both of the 30 watt transformer circuits or each independently. Each transformer controls up to five Fiberstars LED products, for a total of 10 distinct Fiberstars LED options. The first circuit would be used for your pool lighting and the second circuit could be used for lighting of your choice, such as spa lights, low voltage landscape lighting, or Fiberstars Light Streams water features.

fiberstars pool drawing


  • Runs on 120VAC
  • Converts to 12V through two 30 watt transformer circuits
  • Designed for Fiberstars Pal & Light Streams family of lighting products
  • Will replace multiple Auto Sync fiber optic units
  • Includes remote control
  • Base sold separately


The Pal-Treo LED underwater light has a uniquely designed prismatic lens that provides an even beam spread and eliminates ‘bald spots’ or shadows caused by uneven light distribution on pool bottoms and walls. This light installs into 95% of existing wall fittings and is easily installed into standard 1-1/2” wall fittings. The Pal-Treo has two color change modes and features a color lock on six different colors.

What makes the Pal-Treo a preferred choice in underwater pool lighting:

  • The Pal-Treo light requires no bonding
  • The LED light bulb is replaceable – no need to replace the entire assembly
  • Unique design lets the Pal-Treo sit outside of the wall fitting for a wider beam spread
  • Requires just 2-3/4” of 1-1/2” pipe behind the wall fitting, as opposed to other models that need 14” of 1-1/2” pipe
  • Color lock on six different colors
  • Two color change modes

Lighting Spread for one Pal-Treo light:

  • Average of 200 sq. ft. on light surfaces
  • Average of 175 sq. ft. on medium surfaces
  • Average of 150 sq. ft. on dark surfaces

While the Power Tower was designed to be used with Pal-Treo lighting, Pal-Treo lights can be wirelessly controlled by Fiberstars 12V Power Centers, including the Power Tower, WIRTRAN and model numbers WPC1-X-T and WPC2-X-T. The Pal-Treo will also synchronize with Fiberstars Light Streams water features.


  • 12VAC, 5 watt LED underwater pool light
  • 50,000 hour lamp life
  • Wall fitting needs to have an exposed face and internal threads
  • Each light includes four trim rings in Black, Gray, Beige and White to match the pool color
  • Available with 79’ or 150’ low voltage cords

The Power Tower with remote and Pal-Treo lighting products were designed by Fiberstars to bring the energy-efficient, long lasting effects of LED lighting to your backyard with flourish and ease.