Does an Above Ground Pool Add to the Value Of Your House?

Above ground pool

Last week I had a customer ask me if adding an Above Ground Swimming Pool would add any value to her home at the time of sale. She explained how much her family enjoyed being outdoors and was worried about the heat of a Phoenix summer being too much for them to go out and play. So, she wanted to invest in something that would help get her family out of the house and keep them cool with the bonus of adding value to her home.

If you’ve ever visited the Grand Canyon State, you probably know that it has a tendency to get hot. I mean REALLY hot. So, investing in something that gives her family the ability to enjoy the outdoors without melting is a huge benefit.

By looking at recently sold homes in the area, factoring in size, features, upgrades, paint jobs, etc… appraisers tell you how much your house is worth. Doing something like adding an Above Ground pool to your backyard oasis, however, will not factor into the value of an appraisal. While an appraiser is more interested in the square footage of the master bedroom, an addition of a pool can draw interest in your property depending on the home buyer.

enjoy pool

Pool ownership gives you quality outlets for your family. Outlets to play, relax, enjoy some company, throw a pool party, and have a cooler summer.

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