ENERGY STAR Certified Pool Pumps – Save Money, Energy and Protect the Planet

Let’s face it: swimming pool ownership can get expensive. Aside from the cost of equipment and pool chemicals, your monthly energy bill may really skyrocket in the summer months. According to, your swimming pool pump can be the 2nd largest energy user in your home.

So, how do pool owners cut the high cost of monthly bills during the summer? That’s where ENERGY STAR comes in! ENERGY STAR Certified pool pumps will not only save you money on energy bills, but most utility companies offer rebates towards the purchase of a new ENERGY STAR certified pool pump. You will start saving right off the bat!

Per ENERGY STAR, you’ll see the payback on your additional investment in an ENERGY STAR pool pump in less than two years. You can’t beat that! Learn when it might be time for a new pool pump and about all of the great benefits of upgrading to an ENERGY STAR certified pool pump in the following infographic:

Find out how much you can save when switching from a single speed to a variable speed pool pump with our Variable Speed Pump Calculator.

You can also find all of the current Utility Rebates for your state HERE! Start saving today!

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Brian Champ
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