Fall Maintenance Pool Tips

Fall Maintenance Pool Tips

Summer may be over, but for pool owners, pool maintenance is year-round. Pool maintenance during the fall is extremely important because when temperatures begin to lower and leaves start to drop, your pool needs some extra care to keep it in the best condition. To make it simple, we’ve gathered a list of useful tips to ensure your pool stays clean and clear throughout the fall.

pool filter sand brushesTip 1: General Cleaning

Just in case you forget or haven’t done so recently, be sure to clean your pool filter. This is a simple, but vital step to ensure that your pool is clean from everyday cosmetics, oils, hairs, and dirt.

For all purpose cleaning, consider a maintenance kit which includes a curved wall brush for hard to reach places. If you want to save time, let a pool cleaner do the work for you!

Skimmer basket

Tip 2: Leave the Leaves Behind

The combination of fall and windy weather may attract unpleasant tree debris into your pool. The quickest way to capture and remove debris is using leaf skimmers and rakes that simply attach to a standard sized pole.

Another method is using skimmer baskets that catch the debris before it even reaches the bottom of your pool. Remember to clean out skimmer baskets often so they don’t clog up or generate algae growth.

Solar cover

Tip 3: Use a Solar Cover

If you’re looking for something that’ll save you money as well as staying energy-efficient, a solar cover might be for you. Consider investing in a solar cover, which can prevent heat loss in the evening, evaporation during the day, and reduce heating costs by 70%. Solar covers can also prevent debris from getting in your pool too and extend the swimming season.

Tip 4: Check Your Water Taylor Technologies K-2006 Water Test KitChemistry

With the change in temperature, debris, and possible rain getting into your pool, you want to make sure that your water has the proper chemistry– to ensure this, we recommend using water test kits or strips.

This prevents scales from forming, cloudy water, corrosion, and other types of pool damage. Be sure to follow the Ultimate Guide to Water Chemistry to find out what the ideal range for each chemical should be and how they can affect your pool.


Maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult. With these simple and easy tips, you can confidently maintain your pool during this fall season and prevent pool problems or damages from occurring. Taking care of your pool cleaning now will ensure your pool lasts longer and stays cleaner for many years to come. For further questions on pool maintenance or products related to maintenance, our customer care team is ready to help. You can contact us by email, phone, or live chat.