Hayward ColorLogic vs Pentair IntelliBrite Swimming Pool Lights

The hottest trend in pool lighting is the use of energy efficient LED lights to improve the appearance of your swimming pool along with lowering the cost of having your light on. Two manufacturers that have developed great LED swimming pool lighting systems are Hayward and Pentair. Hayward developed the ColorLogic system and Pentair created the Intellibrite lighting system.
While both these lighting setups are great, we wanted to know what the differences were between the two products. So, we’ve put together some of the features and differences between the ColorLogic and IntelliBrite lighting systems.
Hayward ColorLogic:
The Hayward ColorLogic features five different colors: Afternoon Skies (light blue), Deep Blue Sea (dark blue), Emerald (green), Sangria (magenta/pink) and Cloud White (white). Each of these colors can be a fixed color or you can choose from seven different uniquely colored light shows including: Twilight, Voodoo Lounge, Tranquility, Gemstone, USA!, Marti Gras and Cool Cabaret.
Each light show offers an array of colors to provide you and your family a wonderful pool lighting experience.When compared to the Pentair Intellibrite pool lighting system, the Hayward ColorLogic light shows offer more colors and a wider variety of transitions.
The price of the ColorLogic lighting system with stainless steel ring is about the same as the Pentair Intellibrite lighting setup but the ColorLogic has the option to be purchased with a plastic ring for a substantially lower price.
Pentair IntelliBrite:
The Pentair IntelliBrite lighting system also features five colors like the Hayward ColorLogic lighting system including: Blue, Green, Magenta, White and Red. Each of these colors can be a fixed color or you can choose from seven different uniquely colored light show modes including: SAm, Party, Romance, California, American, Carribean and Royal.
What sets the Intellibrite apart from the ColorBrite and other LED systems is the superior reflection design. This enables more light to be directed at the swimming pool’s bottom to intensify the color effects.
With the IntelliBrite, you only have the option of a stainless steel outer ring for dependability.
Additional Information:
With either of these swimming pool lighting systems you get the benefit of using a technology that will make the traditional pool light obsolete. LED lights last six times longer than traditional pool lights while using about 75% fewer watts to operate.
In conclusion, both these pool lighting systems are a great addition to any swimming pool and choosing which lighting system is best would really come down to your personal preference. But as always, we recommend you stay with the same brand of products you already use for both your lighting and any other swimming pool equipment. Especially with the Pentair Intellibrite lights because the lighting system can be used with the Pentair EasyTouch control system or the Pentair IntelliTouch control system.
If you want to learn more about different lighting types, we have another great article you can read about called, “LED vs Incandescent Pool Lighting Comparison.”

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