How Does Your Spa Work?

how does a spa work

Knowing how your spa works will not only allow you to identify if there is a problem, but also provide the ‘know-how’ to fix it! A good understanding of spa technology can save you a lot of money.

Let us go over some of the main parts of a spa:
To give you an idea about how a spa works in a simplified version we have included a diagram of how everything works together. You can also learn about what the inside of a spa looks like and the parts assembled together.

How a spa filter system works:

How a spa filter system works

You will first use the control system to choose what action you would like the spa to perform. Water is circulated by the spa pump, this pushes the water into the filter where it, you guessed it, filters the water! Once the water has passed through the filter is will then be pushed through the plumbing where a spa ozonator may be installed and then forced through the spa jets! This is a short description of the full process and path the water will take. Below we have provided a more in-depth description of what each operation does.

Spa Control Systems:

automatic spa controls

Today’s technology makes these controls especially helpful and accessible. Some controls interface with your cell phone or iPhone, giving you ultimate remote access, while others have LCD touch screens and control pads that mount inside your home to make managing your pool and spa even more convenient. The system will control all off the different elements such as the jets, air blower, pump, lights, temperature, etc.

Spa Pumps:

spa pumps

Consider your spa pump as the heart of your spa. The spa pump consists of two parts: the wet end, which contains a key moving part, the impeller, and a motor to turn the impeller. Spa pumps draw water in from suction ports like main drains and skimmers and return this water through the jets.

Replacement Filter Cartridge:

replacement filter cartridges

This element filters the water to clean out larger contaminants. To learn more about the different types of filters and more about the different parts, shop HERE.

Spa Ozonators:

spa ozonators

The addition of a spa ozonator is an eco-friendly, efficient, and safe sanitizing solution for your spa. Killing bacteria 3,000 times faster than traditional chemicals such as chlorine and bromine, spa ozonators will save you time and money. Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer and disinfectant that can be safely used in spas. An ozonator unit creates a colorless gas called ozone. The gas mixes with your water to help clean it, effectively using less chemicals. This gas eventually breaks down into oxygen.

Spa Jets:

waterway jets

The spa pump forces the water out of spa jets and into the hot tub. Each style of jet types deliver a unique experience; this will allow you to relax with a nice little back massage.

Spa Air Blowers:

outside spa blowers

Enjoy the soothing effects of powerful, invigorating bubbles in your spa without excess equipment noise. The spa blower motor never gets hot enough to reach the shutoff point which means longer, more relaxing, uninterrupted service.

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