How to Install a Pool Safety Cover

How to Install a Pool Safety Cover

Check the Packaging

Once you’ve opened the safety cover packaging, carefully check to make sure all the parts and hardware have arrived with the cover. The quantity of brass anchors, insert screws, strap adjustment buckles and springs should equal the number of straps on your cover.

The notched rod included with your package is used to connect the springs to the anchors and screws during installation. And also during off-season removal.

Tools Required

The following tools are required for installing a safety cover to a concrete pool deck:

  • ¾” concrete drill bit
  • ⅞” drill bit for interlocking brick
  • Heavy-duty hammer drill
  • Metal tape measure
  • Piece of chalk
  • Hammer

Pool Safety Cover Installation

Installation of your new pool safety cover should be simple and straightforward. Remove any obstructions like the pool ladders or diving boards before proceeding.

Step 1

To begin, the cover needs to be temporarily secured to the deck surface. Pals of water are recommended as the safest and most effective. This enables you to make adjustments to the cover, as necessary. Do not use rocks or any other objects that could damage your pool.

Step 2

Unfold the new pool cover and position it over the top of the pool; ensuring that the protective rub strips face down towards the deck.

Step 3

Orient the cover so that there is an equal amount of overlap all around the pool. There will be sagging of cover material into pool. The overlap at this stage is about 4-8 inches.

Step 4

Prior to drilling anchor points, check again to make sure you have an even overlap around the entire pool perimeter.

Step 5

  • Select the longest strap, running down the middle of the cover. Following the line of the strap, measure 4 inches back from the end of the strap. Mark this point with chalk. 
  • Drill a hole in the pool deck to a depth of 1-⅝ inches. Clean debris from the hole. Now, insert the anchor and tap it into the hole.
  • Turn the brass insert screw into the anchor, leaving about ⅜ inches above the deck surface. 
  • For all the straps, make sure the adjustment buckles are used with the edges pointing downward. Feed the strap up through the first slot in the buckle, then down through the center slot. Next, feed the strap through the squared end of a spring and continue up through the center slot again. 
  • Attach the strap to the anchor. Now, repeat this step on the opposite side of that strap.

Step 6

Select two straps on either side of the secure strap. Follow Step 5 again to secure the cover along its length.

Step 7

Next, select the center strap crossing the width of the pool. Again, repeat Step 5 to attach the straps to the anchors. At this stage, you will have anchored the cover along its middle axis across the width and length of the cover. This will take some of the sagging cover out of the water.

Step 8

To continue the installation, select the two straps across the width on either side of the installed longest strap. Measure, mark, drill and attach the straps as per Step 5.

Step 9

Continue to install the remainder of the straps, working out from the middle intersection until all are anchored. Along any straight sections of the pool, measure back approximately 24-34 inches from the edge of the pool. This will depend on the width of your pool deck. Now, mark and drill your anchor points. This will align the anchor points on the straight side of your pool.

Your safety cover installation is now complete!

Safety Cover Removal and Storage

Any time you wish to remove the safety cover from your pool, please follow these simple steps. The task is made is made easier if you have someone to help.

Step 1

With a notch rod, place it over the top of a brass insert screw. Make sure that the protruding tab at the end of the rod is on the side of the screw nearest the pool. Turn the rod 180 degrees, or a half turn. Leaning the top of the rod toward the pool disengages the spring. It will slide up the rod a small distance. Now you can disconnect the strap. Repeat this procedure around the pool until one end of each strap is disconnected. The opposite end of each strap is then removed by hand.

Step 2

Remove the cover, clean it, and make sure it is dry. Lastly, place the cover in the storage bag. We recommend storing it out of the sun and where it is not accessible to any rodents.

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