How To Maintain And Extend The Life Of Your Salt Cell

Customers often ask what they can do to extend the life of their salt cells and chlorine generator systems. Following these four easy guidelines will help extend the life of your cell and save you a bundle of money on replacements.

Keep An Eye on It.

Once a week just take a glance at your system and make sure that everything looks good. Verify there is no damage to the control box or cell; cords are in good shape, etc. Also, check to make sure none of the error lights on your system are lit up

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Use A Salt System Additive.

There are a number of additives you can use to help keep your salt cell protected and lengthen the life of your cell. We like the Natural Chemistry Salt Water Magic system. It reduces phosphates and organic build up in your water, which can cause problems when they bond with the blades inside your salt cell, forming a coating that reduces the performance of your cell. It also prevents metal staining on pool surfaces and in your cell. Lastly, it prevents damaging scale buildup in your cell, as well as on your pool surface. Scale buildup in your cell is what will lead to the need to clean the cell.

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Check Cell Monthly.

Once a month, you’ll want to check your cell for calcium scaling and buildup.

check salt cell monthly

This is pretty easy to do. Remove the cell from the unions and look inside. If there is buildup on the blades you will be able to see it. Generally, it will be a white crusty buildup of calcium deposits. Very rarely you may see a green or blue buildup, which is metal deposits, and means that you need to get the metal levels in your pool tested as something is out of whack. Green or blue buildup can also indicate that your cell has gone bad or lost its protective blade coating, and needs to be replaced.

Clean Cell When Necessary.

If you find buildup in your cell, it’s time to clean the cell. To clean the cell, you need to remove the cell and attach a cap to one end. If you don’t have a cell cap, you can seal one end with a plastic bag and tape. Just make sure the end is well sealed. Then fill the cell with a mixture of five parts water to one part muriatic acid. Once the liquid inside the cell stops foaming, your cell is clean. Do not allow this liquid to sit in your cell for more than half an hour. You only want to clean the cell when it is truly necessary, as this process does eat through the coating on your cell blades, and will shorten the life of your cell if done too frequently.

Following these guidelines will help you maintain your salt system with little effort and go longer between cell replacements. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below or contact us on the PoolSupplyWorld Facebook page!