How to Make Bacon Turtles in 8 Easy Steps

Bacon Turtles 07










Last spring, I stumbled onto pictures of hamburgers wrapped in bacon. In addition, the burgers had sausages protruding from the sides, making the creation resemble a turtle. I thought these meaty little monsters would make the perfect poolside meal. Below is the detailed process to create ‘Bacon Turtles!’

Step 1

Weave bacon strips. I found that 10 strips of bacon worked great!


Step 2

Place the first ground beef patty on the bacon-weave. I used lean ground beef mixed with some barbecue sauce and light seasoning.


Step 3

Add cheese of your choice, and prepare a second hamburger patty.


Step 4

Add second patty and more cheese. I used sharp cheddar in the middle, and pepper-jack on the top.


Step 5

Wrap the weave around the burger and flip over. The bacon will overlap a little bit on the bottom (but the less overlap, the better because the overlapped bacon does not cook very well).

Bacon Turtle 05

Step 6

Cut the tips off sausage links or hot dogs. Separate the  bacon weave just enough to push the cut-ends into the hamburger patty. Use toothpicks to secure the sausages in place.

Bacon Turtle 06

Step 7

Carefully transport the bacon turtles to the barbecue. I recommend covering them, as the take a ling time to cook all the way through!

Bacon Turtles 07

Step 8

Carefully remove cooked turtles from the grill. I lost a tail in the process! The legs got a little charred for my taste, which is something I hope to fix next time!

Bacon Turtle 08

Enjoy your bacon turtles! Please comment below and let me know what you think of them!

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