How to Measure a Hot Tub Cover

how to measure a hot tub cover

We know you love your hot tub, so why not protect it with a high-quality cover? Shopping for a custom hot tub cover can be a daunting task, so let’s make it easy. This article will explain the correct way to measure a hot tub cover, making your next purchase a breeze!

What you’ll need to start:

  • Measuring tape
  • Carpenter’s square
  • Pencil and paper

What To Measure

So, what should you measure? The spa or the cover? If your current spa cover fits perfectly, let’s use its dimensions for the replacement cover. More often than not, spa owners order a new cover because the current cover is damaged, warped or didn’t fit right to begin with. If that’s the case, use your spa as the measuring guide. If using your spa to take the measurements, make sure to measure from the outside of the cabinets.

Spa Installation Types

First, let’s start off with your spa cabinets. The three most common spa installation types are: spa cabinets with no rail, spa cabinets with a rail, and in-ground spas. Use the diagrams if you are using your spa, not the old spa cover, as a measuring guide for the new cover.

Spa Cover with no rails
Spa cabinets with rails
In-ground spa cover

Measuring Spa Cover Sides

Now, let’s take a measurement of the two sides of your spa cover. We’ll refer to these sides as “A” and “B”. The universal way to determine which side is “A” is that the fold in the spa cover will cut the “A” side in half. Please note: in 90% of spas, the fold of the spa cover cuts the longest dimension in half. Since this is not always the case, we want to eliminate potential confusion by labeling “A” as the side that is cut in half by the fold line.

For covers with rounded corners: Place the carpenter’s square at the corner of the spa cover so the corner of the square matches up with the corner of the cover. Measure from the 90° point of the square to where the spa cover begins to curve. If you don’t have a carpenter’s square, a standard tape measure will work. Extend the tape measure from the point at which the curve of the cover begins out to where the 90° corner would be if it were square. You will add this measurement, “C”, when placing your order.

Square Spa Cover Measurements
Rounded Square Spa Cover
Elliptical Hot Springs Spa Cover

Measuring The Spa Cover Skirt

First, let’s explain the importance of the spa cover skirt. The added material protects the colored acrylic of a spa shell from sun and weather elements. When skirts were first introduced to spa covers, they were continuous strips of fabric that ran the length of the cover. Now, the skirt is installed in panels with seams at the corners of the cover. This ensures that the skirt does not become caught under the cover during installation.

To get an accurate measurement of the skirt, measure from the bottom of the cover to the bottom of the skirt. If the spa has a rail that protrudes from the cabinet, most customers prefer to extend the skirt past the rail. We recommend that the cover be wide enough to allow the skirt to hand straight down. If not sure what length to order, we recommend 4” as a standard measurement.

Spa Cover Skirt Measurement

Measuring The Safety Straps

Every spa cover should have at least 4 safety straps. To get the safety strap length, measure from the bottom of the cover to the beginning of the plastic buckle. Make sure to not include the length of the buckle. Again, if not sure what length to order, we recommend 7” as a standard measurement for safety straps.

Spa Cover Safety Straps

How To Order A Spa Cover

PoolSupplyWorld has created an easy process to order your next custom hot tub cover online! Find the perfect cover for your hot tub and budget. Whether you’re looking for the most affordable cover on the market, or one of the most durable, premium covers – you’ll find it here. Simply choose your cover shape, size, color, skirt length and additional add-ons – including spa cover lifts. Our easy ordering process will walk you through each step of the process. You’ll have a brand new, custom spa cover in no time! Find everything you need HERE!

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