How to Repair or Patch a Safety Cover

Repair Patch Safety Cover

How to Repair or Patch a Safety Cover

Let’s say a random branch fell from a tree that extended over your lovely pool, and punctured your safety cover. What’s the first thought you have? Well, hopefully it would be to contact the manufacturer and claim warranty, if the cover is eligible. If the pool cover is not under warranty then it would probably be the following.


It’s an understandable response – covers can be expensive, and can be damaged from tree branches like this, sharp rocks thrown by a lawnmower, or even a crazed animal with damaging claws or hooves. Over the years, we’ve heard about all of these problems and more from our customers. 2

We’re here to help offer some quick solutions to these issues. Most importantly, we’ll try to save you from paying a professional a substantial amount to come out and repair or replace your cover!


Mesh & Solid Patches

There are typically two types of safety covers: Mesh and Solid. The Mesh cover is extremely durable, and if it’s punctured it will not fray or expand right away. The mesh cover patch should be applied to both side of the cover to insure no further damage occurs. If you live somewhere that snows, the weight of the snow could cause the puncture to split leading to a tear. On the contrary, most solid covers that get punctured will very rarely worsen into a larger rip, but would still be something you’d want to fix with a solid cover patch, to avoid debris and sunlight penetrating into your pool water; and lets not forget, the overall safety the cover provides.




Vinyl Patches

Vinyl patches are the best quick solution to punctures like the ones described above. They use a strong adhesive to insure no further damage to your cover. These vinyl patch kits are for smaller tears, no larger than 3” x 12”. If your cover’s damage exceeds about 3” x 12”, you’ll need to contact a specialist for the repair job. Follow the instructions that come with the repair kit and put your mind at ease!


DIY Patches

Another solution that is purely temporary is duct tape. Yes, duct tape! For a mesh cover, this can assist in keeping the small hole or tear from causing any further damage – at least until that vinyl kit you ordered arrives! With a solid cover, the duct tape might even get you through the rest of the winter season if necessary, but it’s not recommended.


If you REALLY need to….

Lastly, if you have the tailoring skills, you can always sew a patch onto a mesh or solid cover. Make sure a very sturdy needle is used, along with very strong nylon thread or fishing line. This method is typically used with smaller holes, but works very well with the proper materials!1

List of Patch kits offered by PoolSupplyWorld:

Give us a call at 800.772.0467 if you have any questions, or if you need any recommendations on products to properly WINTERIZE and protect your pool!

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