How to: The Perfect Cannonball


It’s official – Summer is exactly one month away. Time to break out the floats, gather the towels, and head to the pool.

Whether you’re old or young, big or small, the first entrance has to make a statement. It has to make a splash! We can’t think of a better way than a cannonball!

The exact origin of the “cannonball” is unknown, but we do know that everyone loves taking that long leap, tucking their legs, and attempting to “out-splash” their family and friends.

Some states host annual cannonball competitions. Every March in Portland, Connecticut, people gather at Brownstone Park for the “Spring Plunge and Cannonball Competition.” Spectators and competitors indulge in food and drinks in preparation for the festivities. Cannonballs are judged and prizes given for the top “spring plungers”. The competitors make the plunge to see who can make the largest splash in bone-chilling 35 degree water. Competitors pay $25 to participate, spectators pay $5, and all proceeds go to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Since then, other states have been joining in the trend to support charities and make the plunge.

So what makes the perfect cannonball? It’s all about the splash. The splash is judged based on height, with the subjective bonus points for splashing a sibling or family member. Listed below are some tips to “out-splash” the competition.

Step one:

Get a running start and jump as high as you possibly can for a bigger splash.
Although you want to make a huge splash, remember that pool safety should be a priority. 

Step two:

Bring your knees to your chest (appropriately  dubbed the “K.C. Masterpiece”) and hug your knees with your arms.

Step three:

For a large splash lean back slightly and collect some extra points.  This will earn you some extra points, but be cautious as  might cause some unwanted stinging. If you have any tips, tricks, stories or questions we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a question or comment below.

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