How to Throw a Poolside Fantasy Football Draft Party

Poolside Fantasy Football Draft Party

Chips – check! Drinks – check! Friends – check! Now let’s get this party started! You’ve spent the last few weeks researching the best players for your ultimate Fantasy Football team all for this moment – the draft party.

As we all know, some draft parties start out loud and rowdy… and then slowly start to drag while waiting for the other “coaches” to choose a player before it’s your turn again. Well, we have the perfect solution! Time to bust out the best poolside games and accessories to keep the good times rolling.

Here are our Top 10 Picks to make your Fantasy Football Draft Party one to remember!

1. nICE Cooler

Let’s start the party with some ice cold beverages! PoolSupplyWorld offers affordable and durable ice coolers in 22 Quart, 45 Quart and 75 Quart sizes! Depending how many people you expect at the big party, we have a cooler for you! What’s even cooler? These tough ice chests come in 5 different color options. So, find the perfect nICE extra-durable ice cooler to keep all of your drinks and snacks cool at the next draft party!

nICE Ice Cooler


  • 3 convenient sizes: 22 QT, 45 QT and 75 QT
  • 5 fun color options
  • Heavy-duty roto-molded construction
  • Built-in lock mount
  • Starting at 77622!

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2. Ladder Golf Game Set

If no one is ready to take a plunge in the pool, we recommend warming up with an competitive game of Ladder Golf. This is a classic tailgating game! One that involves risk, strategy and skill…or just plain, old luck! This entertaining game set is constructed with high-quality hardwood, making it extremely durable to the outside elements. It will withstand anything you can throw at it! Includes two ladders, six authentic bolas and a durable travel case.

Ladder Golf Game Set


  • Two premium solid wood ladder targets
  • Quick assembly – no tools required
  • 6 bolas for authentic game play
  • Each ladder measures 40″ Tall x 27.5″ Wide
  • Have some fun for only BG3145!

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3. Inflatable Blackjack Table

Poolside poker, anyone? Now that you and your friends are warmed up, it’s time to cool off in the pool with our brand new Inflatable Blackjack Table! This set includes waterproof playing cards for hours of fun in the pool! When the card games are over, this fun pool game becomes a comfy, oversized pool float – including two drink holders. Enjoy your winnings and take a load off with the Inflatable Blackjack Table!

Inflatable Poker Table


  • Inflatable blackjack table
  • Doubles-up as an oversized pool float
  • Two cup holders
  • Includes waterproof playing cards
  • Fun for just 90665!

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4. Cornhole Game Set

Who doesn’t love a quick game of cornhole? This is the staple of all backyard and tailgating get-togethers! This game needs no introduction – it’s the ultimate game for any outdoor party. Simple rules and fun for any age! Our compact, foldable cornhole game set includes 2 CARB-certified MDF boards, 8 durable bean toss bags (yellow and black) and a heavy duty vinyl travel bag. Never leave home without your Compact Cornhole Game Set!

Corn Hole Game Set


  • Cornhole travel set
  • Includes 8 durable bean bags
  • Fade-resistant graphics
  • CARB certified boards measuring 23.6″L x 18.125″W
  • For only BG3146!

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5. Backyard Dice Set

Need to add some more luck to your draft party? How about a larger-than-life game set for the ultimate entertainment! The High Roller Yard Dice Set will not only add some fun to your party, it will make a for a great conversation starter! Each dice is made of solid wood, measuring 3.5 inch x 3.5 inch with heat-stamped dots for clarity. Your family and friends will have a blast playing with the giant yard dice set!

Backyard Dice Game Set


  • Set of 6 large dice
  • Durable natural wood construction
  • Weather-proof dice dots
  • Each die is 3.5″ x 3.5″
  • Great deal for BG3150!

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6. Underwater Light Show and Speaker

What’s a party without good music? Not a party at all! That being said, we recommend adding the Game Underwater Light Show and Bluetooth Speaker to get the party started! This fun wireless speaker doubles-up as a floating lightshow, creating colorful patterns across the pool floor and walls. No need for special pool lights when you have the Game Underwater Light Show & Speaker!

Underwater Light Show and Speaker


  • Underwater light show speaker
  • Floats on the pool water
  • Rechargeable battery and built-in hanger
  • Works up to 60 ft away from music source
  • Only 4312!

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7. Ring Toss Game Set

Who doesn’t love a throwback game like ring toss? How about a travel-size version, making it fun for every occasion! The solid wood, all-weather construction makes this poolside game the perfect accessory for your draft party. Including 8 rings, 1 ring toss frame and handy travel bag, the Portable Ring Toss Game Set will definitely make a splash!

Backyard Ring Toss Game Set


  • Solid wood ring toss game set
  • Easy storage and set-up
  • Includes heavy-duty travel bag
  • For 2-4 players
  • Buy today for BG3144!

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8. Swimming Pool Football

What’s a fantasy football draft party without tossing around a football? Well, we like to do it in style with the Splash Water Pool Football! This ball flies through the air and sprays water up to 10’ in diameter! Talk about a fun way to cool off during the draft! Blue 42, Blue 42… HIKE!

Geyser Splash Water Pool Football


  • Dunk ‘n throw football
  • Fun for all ages
  • Sprays up to 10′ in diameter
  • Easy to throw with or without water
  • Low price of 76078!

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9. Portable Volleyball Set

Is the draft party starting to heat up, but you’re ready to cool off? Time to break out the Poolside Volleyball Game Set! This portable volleyball game makes it possible to set up anywhere and over any pool. No tools or anchors needed! Just place the net stands on either side of the pool, grab the volleyball and let the games begin! When the party is over, simply remove the game set from the pool and store in a safe place. Sounds like fun to us!

Portable Volleyball Net


  • Portable volleyball set
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Fill stands with sand or water
  • Includes volleyball
  • Only 76068!

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10. Floating Basketball Hoop

We know it’s all about football on draft day, but we can’t forget about our other favorite sport – basketball! The Tall-Boy Floating Basketball Game Set is a perfect way to unwind and shoot some hoops in-between drafting your fantasy team. This portable game set is easy to assemble and works with any pool type – above ground or in-ground! Let loose and show off your slam dunk skills with the Tall-Boy Floating Pool Basketball Hoop!

Pool Basketball Hoop


  • Light-weight and durable
  • Floats on the water surface
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes basketball
  • As low as 9165!

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So, there you have it – our Top 10 Poolside Fantasy Football Draft Party Essentials! You and your buddies will have fun for hours with these poolside games and accessories. Not ready for the party to end? Take these fun games and toys to your next tailgate party!

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