Hydro EXL: The Energy-Saving & Technologically Advanced Robot

With super-powers that reduce usage of water, chemicals, and energy, the Hydro EXL is the Superman of all robotic pool cleaners. Approach with caution, for this isn’t just a pool cleaner. This is a robotic pool cleaner with the power to vacuum, filter, and circulate your pool water, keeping your swimming pool safe from its evil foe… Debris!
Oh, how I hate that, Debris. I’m so tired of you stubbornly packing yourself into every corner and every INCH of my pool. CURSE YOU, AQUA SCUM!
That’s why I summoned the all-mighty, technologically advanced, Aquabot Hydro EXL Robotic Pool Cleaner. This robot combines better water mixing with better filtration, allowing you to use fewer chemicals in your swimming pool and help you fight off evil debris with energy efficiency that will save you time and money. My swimming pool has never been clearer.
You see, unlike other, traditional pool cleaners, the Aquabot Hydro EXL cleans swimming pools with virtually no maintenance needed! It’s built in pump and filtration system takes away added stress on your existing filtration system. The Hydro EXL works on any type of pool surface and clears your swimming pool of dirt and debris with cycle times of 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours.
Thrive in the savings on energy, chemicals, water, and maintenance; start enjoying your swimming pool again!
With their self-contained filter baskets, you don’t have to backwash as much. This results in savings on water and time.

With better water circulation and a finer filtration, Aquabot robotic pool cleaners can save you up to 30% on chemical usage.

Running an Aquabot costs a measly 5 cents an hour, saving you 40% on your electricity bill compared to suction-side or pressure-side pool cleaners. The Aquabot’s filtration is also 93% more efficient than a typical main filter installation.

The Aquabot Hydro EXL Robotic Pool Cleaner: capable of protecting your swimming pool from their number one nemesis, Debris.
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