Introducing the DX5S and DX3S Robotic Pool Cleaners

Article Update: The Dolphin DX5S and DX3S are no longer in production. But we have good news! Dolphin by Maytonics recently released the new and improved Dolphin Proteus series robotic pool cleaners! For more info on these hi-tech, efficient and super powerful cleaners, check out our new feature HERE. The new line of pool cleaners includes the Proteus DX3 for small in ground pools, the Proteus DX4 for pools up to 50′, and the Proteus DX5i with all the bells and whistles.

We have just received two new exciting additions to our robotic pool cleaner line. The Dolphin DX5S and DX3S. Replacing the Popular Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner DX5 Model, the DX5S and DX3S give pool owners two options with new, much needed features.

dolphin dx5s dx3s robotic pool cleaners

The DX5S is the Flagship of the two cleaners. It comes fully functional with a remote and two scrubbing brushes on the front of the robotic pool cleaner to give it better maneuverability and versatility. These brushes help the cleaner loosen stubborn debris and aid the vacuum power of the cleaner. The DX3S, coming in at a lower price point, is a compact version of the DX5S and lacks the remote, and the “split” front scrubbing brush. This limits the maneuverability of the DX3S when compared to the DX5S.

In our test, the DX5S performed beautifully. It had no problem navigating its way quickly throughout the pool, scrubbing and vacuuming everything in its path. The split scrubbing pads in front allows the two brushes to spin in opposite directions for sharp, precise turns. This navigates the cleaner to areas in need of attention much more quickly, for a shorter run time than the DX3S.

dual brush
sharp precise

The DX3S performed surprisingly well, even lacking the upgraded features of its big brother, the DX5S. The cleaner did just as well making its rounds, removing large and small debris from the pool bottom. The main difference between the two is the path the cleaners take. The DX3S does not have the added steering capability that the DX5S features with its split brush design, and thus takes longer to make its way throughout entire pool. The lack of a remote control further limits the cleaners functionality, as pool owners cannot spot-clean little problematic areas when needed. Another potential problem area for the DX3S is diving pools. We found that the DX3S can climb the walls of the swimming pool with ease. However, the cleaner tends to loose traction in deeper water near the waterline, where as the DX5S climbs up and out of the pool regardless of the depth.

clean waterline
bottom shadow
cleans waterline

Both cleaners performed well and did their job with little effort on our part. The DX5S and DX3S include the patented IntelliScan Technology, allowing the pool to scan and learn your pool, increasing cleaning efficiency and making both models very user friendly. We really enjoyed the filter upgrade in both models. The old DX5 models used a filter bag instead of the new filter cartridge model. The filter bag was difficult to clean and took much more effort than the new model. In addition, the new design of the DX5S integrates a filter indicator notifying you when the cartridge is full and in need of cleaning.

filter install sl
bottom shadow
easy filter cartridge

When comparing the two models, the Dolphin DX5S outperformed the Dolphin DX3S, but this is to be expected considering the price disparity. If you don’t mind a bit of a longer cleaning time and have a standard-depth pool, the DX3S will save you some money and may be the right choice for you. If you have a deeper pool that requires scrubbing large pool walls or if you like the improved functionality and cleaning speed, the DX5S will serve you well.

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