Introducing the new PoolSupplyWorld!

New PoolSupplyWorld Logo

You may have noticed a few changes around PoolSupplyWorld’s online store, starting today.

New Logo, Same Excellent Service

Our refreshed logo reflects a renewed commitment to being the friendliest, most helpful resource for your pool and spa needs. Brighter colors, easier to read text, and a more organic droplet pattern seem to better represent our company’s collective personality. With a bright new logo, our entire company is demonstrating that we don’t want to be a cold, faceless vendor. Over the past year, we’ve worked to add more of our own personalities to the brand. You’ve seen our team members on the site like never before (that’s Kyle in the Above Ground Pool Questions box to the right!). Our real names and faces are on LiveChat, email, and comments. We are a team of friendly, knowledgable people — something we feel the bright new logo will help support.

We’ll be rolling out the new logo to all of our other faces (Facebook, Google+, this blog) shortly, as we finish overhauling the look of our brand. We think the future is looking good!

Upgraded Navigation

We carry (at current count) nearly 40,000 unique products. As a result, categorizing them all to make them easy to find is a major undertaking. Our team has put in a lot of effort in simplifying our category structure, and wrapped in a much easier-to-use interface. Not only should it be easier to get to the products you need, but it should be a lot less challenging on a tablet, such as an iPad. With thousands of visitors browsing our site from an iPad every day, the new buttons and links should be a lot easier to use.

We are constantly working to make our products and solutions easier to find. With the header and footer now live, we’ll begin working on more and more of our pages. We’ve collected a lot of feedback from our customers, and have a lot more work to do in order to continue to deliver the shopping experience you deserve!

Customer Q&A

On the Questions tab on the pages for individual products, you may have noticed the fairly recent addition of a button to ask questions of customers who already own that product. This is a feature we knew there would be interest in, but weren’t sure how enthusiastic everyone would be. We all get too much email, but the solution we wanted to try did a good job of setting up a rotation (kind of like jury duty, only more fun) so that no individual member of the PoolSupplyWorld community would get too many questions. Even though the program would be entirely optional, we still hesitated.

To finally settle the issue, we sent out 3400 emails to recent customers, asking them if they’d be interested in participating in a community Q&A program. Of those, we got nearly 1500 replies. Most replied Yes, and many replied Maybe. One said No. We were amazed! In addition, we got all kinds of great comments from the respondents. Some thanked us for asking first, some praised our prices, some mentioned recent experiences with us that they appreciated, and some even recommended new features they’d like to see on the site! It was amazing, and proved once again that we have the best customers in the world.

Obviously, we are currently working on giving this community Q&A program a go. We’re learning quickly, and are already seeing customers helping other customers, all contributing to the enormously positive environment we’ve worked so hard to foster.

…and Thank You!

As we’re always testing to see how we can better serve you, we’ll often try some odd new things. You have been an amazingly supportive audience, providing great comments as we work to add features. We are so lucky to be able to work for you, and will continue to do our very best to earn your ongoing business.