Kreepy Krauly Legend Pool Cleaner Review

Searching for the right pressure side pool cleaner can be overwhelming. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, brands, features, and benefits. But which one is right for you and your pool? Well, feast your eyes on the Kreepy Krauly Legend: Buy it Now at PoolSupplyWorld

The Cleaner

One of the more sought after cleaners is the . The cleaner is an all time classic and for good reason. The large following is attributed to its known longevity and versatility when it comes to cleaning pools.

Four Wheel Design with Front Wheel Drive

letro legend design The legend is comprised of a four wheel design that keeps it stable so it doesn’t tip over or get stuck. Of the four wheels the two front wheels power the unit, allowing it to climb steep walls higher and more efficiently than other pressure side models.

Bigger Bag and Bigger Mouth for Bigger Debris

letro legend filter bag The Legend sports a 60% larger filter bag with a twist-lock design to pick up more waste and make it easy to remove and empty. It also has a massive intake throat that captures large and small dirt and debris particles.

Built in Backup Valve to Get Out of Tight Corners

letro legend underside The Legend doesn’t waste time, it has a built-in backup valve that will initiate when the cleaner gets stuck in the corners of your pool, enabling it to clean your pool efficiently.

Built to Work with a Dedicated Booster Pump

letro legend The Legend is run by an individual booster pump and line, ensuring that it has the optimal cleaning power to keep your entire pool clean and clear.   Becoming a legend takes a lot of drive and hard work. Does the Kreepy Krauly Legend live up to it’s name?


  • Easy to use. Just drop in the pool and let it go to work.
  • Efficient. The Legend cleans your pool in 1 to 3 hours from top to bottom without getting stuck.
  • Versatile. The Legend cleans the bottom and sides of your pool with it’s front wheel drive while capturing large and small debris.


  • Repairs. Although there are multiple benefits to the Legend it’s not entirely perfect. The unit does have parts which can wear out over time. In the years to come you might find yourself replacing parts such as bearings or a wheel. If this happens, you can find all of the replacement parts here.

What Are My Options?

Another great contender in the pressure side pool cleaning market is Polaris. The Polaris models 280 and 360 are two of our most popular options for pressure side cleaners. Like all pressure side pool cleaners, they use a designated pressure line to propel your cleaner through the water as they pick up dirt and debris. However, the Polaris 360 does not require a separate booster pump and uses the designated return line in your pool to operate from the pressure alone. Both the 280 and 360 have a three wheel design instead of four, which makes them a little less stable than the Legend but still very effective. The 280 and 360 both climb walls and clean your pool with the same cleaning cycle time as the Legend. They catch small and large debris and can reverse out of corners when stuck.

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When it comes down to it each of these cleaners are a solid choice for your swimming pool. What it really comes down to is which brand you are most loyal to. As you make your comparisons, ensure that each feature benefits you and your swimming pool. Customers are constantly reporting decades of usage from all three pool cleaners. Your success story begins here. Buy it Now at PoolSupplyWorld If you have any questions on the cleaners here or others leave a comment below or reach out to one of our knowledgeable staff members.

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