Labor Day: Pool Party Fun and Food

With Labor Day around the corner, it’s a great time to start planning your pool party. Any pool party would be incomplete without poolside dishes and the kids spending all day in the pool, so we’ve picked out some inexpensive pool games and recipes just for you.

Game Time for the Kids

Capture the Ping Pong Ball

It’s a race to see who will find that special ping pong balls first! All you need to start is 100+ ping pong balls (preferably white) and a permanent marker. Write a shape, number, or letter on only a small percentage of the balls. Once you’ve tossed them all into the pool, have the kids jump in search for the marked ping pong balls. Instructions for the game can be found here.

A second version of the game involves writing a sequence of numbers on ping pong balls. Simply number each ball with 5, 10, or 15. Once the balls are numbered you can toss them in the pool and let the fun start. The goal here is to accumulate the most amount of points. This is a perfect game to improve the kiddo’s addition skills.

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Frisbee Sponge Ball

Here’s a game that all ages can enjoy. With a little crafting your party can turn into a lot of fun. For this game you’ll need sponges, scissors, rubber bands, fishing line, Frisbees, and vinyl number stickers. After obtaining the supplies, it’s time to start assembling. For easy to follow instructions, check out the link here. After constructing the sponge balls, you’re almost ready to play. Next, assign each Frisbee with a point value (10 points, 15 points, 20 points etc.) and stick the corresponding numbers onto the bottom side of the Frisbee (the side with the lip facing up).
Once you’re ready to play, throw the Frisbees (number up) into the pool, and warm up your throwing arm. Next, dunk the sponge balls in the pool and begin tossing your sponge ball onto the floating Frisbees. Aim for the highest points and keep score to find your winner!For full instruction click here.

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Pool Scrabble

Everyone loves a good game of scrabble, and with some inexpensive sponges your Labor Day can include this classic game with a wet twist. First get your sponges and a permanent marker. With these you will make your Scrabble tiles. You can cut the sponges in half or use the whole sponge as a letter tile. Once the sponges are cut, take a minute to write one letter on each sponge using the permanent marker.
Once the tiles are finished toss them into the pool and let the game begin! Give an allotted time for the kids to jump in and collect as many letters as possible. Once collected have them figure out home many words they can spell with their letters, the one with the most wins! It doubles as a perfect game for the back to school season. For full instructions click here.

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Frozen T-Shirt Race

The frozen t-shirt race is a perfect way to stay cool at your pool party without being in the pool. This is the perfect backyard game as there is no need to go shopping! Just pick out one shirt for each player. Next, you’ll want to soak the shirts in water, wring out, fold, and freeze. For full instructions click here.
Once frozen, hand out one shirt to each player and announce the magic word. GO! Each player will pull and tug the shirt until it is unfolded, and then have to put the shirt on. Whoever gets their shirt on first, wins! You can also mix it up by having them jump into the pool with the shirt on once they are done, a perfect way to kick start the pool party. For full instructions click here.

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Poolside Treats & Dishes

Watermelon on a Stick

It looks just like it sounds! Enjoy the iconic fruit of summertime in a simple and easy way; on a stick! Forget the sticky hands and mess, because the only thing touching the watermelon will be your taste buds. All you’ll need is watermelon, popsicle sticks, and a knife.
Simply cut triangular watermelon pieces and insert a popsicle stick, pull, and you’re ready to go! To ensure less mess, you can purchases cupcake wrappers and poke them through the stick. This will help to catch any mess. Click here for the full instructions.

watermelon on a stick
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Cucumber Feta Boats

Cucumber feta boats are the perfect fresh taste for a pool party. They’re both simple to make and refreshing. For this bite size snack you’ll need cucumbers, feta cheese, salt, parsley or dill, and ground black pepper.
Cut the cucumbers in half and remove the seeds from one half creating the “boat.” Using the other half of the cucumber to dice up and mix in with the other ingredients. Fill up the boat with the mixture and cut into 1 ½ inch bite size pieces. For the full detailed instructions click here.

cucumber boats

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Bacon Wrapped Potatoes

Everyone loves bacon, so why not add it to your Labor Day pool party. Combine the bacon with potatoes and you’re sure to have a hit dish. Bacon wrapped potatoes are an easy poolside dish, and require the purchase of bacon, potatoes, brown sugar, salt and toothpicks. for an extra flavor boost, combine it with a savory cheese sauce.
Wrap each potato with a piece of bacon, and secure it with a toothpick. Once secure, pop them in the oven for 40-50 minutes at 400 degrees and your ready to go!. For full instructions click here.

bacon wrapped potatoes
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Chicken BBQ Sliders

A backyard pool party would be incomplete without some sliders, and instead of the traditional beef, why not switch it up and make BBQ chicken sliders? The best part about these savory sliders is they can be made in a crock pot.
Simply season your chicken breast, place in the crock pot and add ingredients. The BBQ chicken then cooks on low for 8 hours. After the cook time, separate or “pull” your chicken with a couple forks. To do this, insert one while dragging the other across the chicken. The chicken should come right apart. Once done, apply to a couple of small buns and enjoy. For full list of ingredients and directions click here.

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