LED vs Incandescent Swimming Pool Lights Comparison

The latest in swimming pool lighting technology is the use of LED inground pool lights that can create rich, vibrant colors and beautiful light shows underwater. Older swimming pool lights use traditional incandescent bulbs to light up the water, this old technology would be like comparing VHS tapes (the incandescent bulbs) to DVD movies (the LED lights).
With consumers trying to be as energy conscious as possible, using LED pool lighting would be perfect for any in-ground swimming pool owner.
Pentair was quoted as saying, “IntelliBrite LED Pool Lights need only 37 watts to create the same light output as traditional incandescent and halogen pool lights do at 161 watts – that’s more than 75% less! And IntelliBrite spa lights use only 23 watts for the same light output compared to 46 watts for traditional lights…”
Not only does this mean that LED pool lights use less energy and are better for the environment but they save you money as well with lower energy bills. LED pool lights are an eco-friendly alternative to using traditional pool lights.
Now, what about the life span of pool lights? Which one would last longer? Well, a typical incandescent bulb lasts about 5,000 hours where the LED light is rated to last about 30,000+ hours! This is because LED’s are made from durable materials that run much cooler than regular incandescent bulbs. Another feature that lead many pool owners to upgrading incandescent pool lights to LED pool lights is that LED lights have the ability to change and fade to different colors where incandescent pool lights cannot. With LED lights, a person can simply flip a switch to activate a beautiful color show display in their swimming pool.
In conclusion, we believe that the better choice for the type of pool lighting in a swimming pool should be LED pool lights. Despite the fact that incandescent pool lights are less expensive than LED pool lights, LED lighting will provide you a longer lasting bulb with the ability to change colors while saving you money over time because LED pool lights use a lot less energy to operate.

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