Lomart Above Ground Pools: Stay Cool Throughout Summer

lomart above ground pools
There’s no better way to relax and enjoy the summer heat than with a Lomart Above Ground Swimming Pool. Experience a recreational and inviting way to keep your family cooled-off and having fun throughout this swimming season.PoolSupplyWorld offers two different models of Lomart Pools: the Lomart Montessa and the Lomart Verona. Both come in round and oval shapes with a multitude of different sizes that are sure to fit your needs!
Lomart Montessa:The Lomart Montessa Above Ground Swimming Pool Models brings together an attractive and structurally sound wall that’s designed to compliment virtually any backyard oasis. They’re backed by a 25 year limited warranty through Hoffinger Pools that covers the pool from any manufacturer defects.

The Montessa pools are constructed with optimum durability, resistance, and weatherization protection that makes these pools last season after season.

Lomart Verona:The Lomart Verona Above Ground Swimming Pool’s allow you to relax and enjoy the summer heat in a comfortable environment that the whole family will love! Backed by a 30 year warranty through Hoffinger Pools, the Verona swimming pool is sure to be stress-free. These swimming pools are constructed to provide stability and last through every season of the year no matter the weather.

Keep cool this summer with a long-lasting, stable, and easy-to-install Verona Above Ground Swimming Pool!

Above ground pools can seem a little complicated, especially ones of this high a quality. However, Verona and Montessa Above Ground Swimming Pools boast a simple design that is easy to install and maintain. Features include:
  • Texture-molded top connectors
  • Tru-Lock wall closures
  • Trimline Space Saver
  • Rugged coated 6” resin supports
  • Poly-Lam coated
  • Baked enamel walls
About the Brand:
Hoffinger Industries produces both Doughboy and Lomart above ground pools. Our Lomart Montessa and Verona above ground pools represent the exceptional quality of Doughboy pools at an affordable price to create a fun environment in your backyard. The Montessa and Verona are both proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and durability.
Additional Information:
Don’t forget to try our Above Ground Pool Builder for an easy start up kit all in one order! The components on each pool are unique and usable for that size, shape, and model. Both the Lomart Verona and the Lomart Montessa Above Ground Pools can be customized to your liking with our Above Ground Pool Builder. Simply find the shape and style of your choosing and click the “Customize This Pool” button to get started!
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