My pool is 24,000 gallons, should I switch from a T-Cell-15 to a T-Cell-9?

aquarite salt cell

If you own a Hayward Aqua Rite Salt System and your pool is 24,000 gallons, this is probably a question you’ve battled with. Switched from a T-Cell-15 to a T-Cell-9 might be less than beneficial for your swimming pool. Let me explain why:

While the T-Cell-9 is rated for pools up to 25,000 gallons, it would be working at 100% to create enough chlorine trying to keep up with your pool. Think of a salt cell like an engine in a car. Imagine how much wear and tear you would put on your engine if it were running at 100% capacity each time you turned it on. Running your salt cell like that will lower the lifespan quickly.

If you use your pool often or live in a warmer climate state like California, Arizona, Texas, or Florida, you’ll need to increase the amount of chlorine produced. Using the T-Cell-15 allows you to adjust your chlorine levels more easily without you having to worry about overworking your salt cell.

On a more technical note, if you purchased your Aqua Rite Salt System prior to 2009, you have to use the same sized salt cell as the power center will not be compatible with a different size.

It is in my highest recommendation to stay with using the T-Cell-15 Salt Cell. You’ll be happier with it’s performance, adjustability, and be able to get the most life out of your salt cell. Worry less about your pool equipment and stick with the T-Cell-15 Salt Cell.

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