Oceania Weekender Above Ground Pool Review

Above Ground Swimming Pool - Round

The 15-Foot Round Oceania Weekender Above Ground Pool Package makes the luxury of cooling off in your own backyard an affordable reality for most homeowners. We’ve prepared a full product review on the Oceania Weekender Above Ground Pool Kit to help with your shopping decision!

The Oceania Weekender Above Ground Pool Package has everything you need to kick-off swim season.

  • DIY Above Ground Pool Package
  • 6″ steel top rails with special polyester Krystal Kote finish
  • 48″ heavy duty corrosion-resistant walls
  • 5” steel uprights with Krystal Kote finish
  • Full 1” heavy steel bottom rail
  • Constructed of all-steel components
  • Interlocking stabilizer rails
  • Precise fit and stylish design
  • ABS Thru-Wall Skimmer
  • Heavy-Duty Vinyl Pool Liner
  • A-Frame Ladder
  • Sand Filter and Pump System
  • 2 Year Full Warranty / 20 Year Limited Warranty

What are the most beneficial features of the Oceania Weekender Above Ground Pool Package, you ask?

This above ground pool package has several noteworthy features, including:

Steel Components

The original steel components have been improved in recent years to further strengthen the top and bottom pool rails, the uprights, and the corrosion-resistant pool walls.

Krystal Kote Finish

A durable, long-lasting, acrylic hybrid – Krystal Kote – is outdoor approved, emits low VOCs and is compliant in all 50 states. This sealer keeps your steel pool components in great functional and aesthetic shape.

Stylish Design

The soft, geometric curves of this round pool and the marbled gray walls are attractive and sure to match any home’s exterior. Plus, at only 4’ deep, it won’t block any incredible views you may have from your backyard. It also means the water height is only 42” high, so the average 6-year-old child can keep their head above water.

Heavy-Duty Vinyl Pool Liner

The overlap liner is thick enough to protect your pool walls, resists chemical and UV fading, and creates smooth comfort while you swim.

20-Year Limited Warranty

Many above ground pools are built to last up to 20 years with proper care and maintenance, needing only minor seasonal repairs or replacements of inexpensive pool parts and pool accessories. In the event something unforeseen happens, unrelated to negligent pool care, you’re protected with this awesome warranty.

Included Skimmer, Pump and Ladder

A through-wall skimmer and efficient pump system clear dirt and debris and keep your pool water circulating and sparkling clean. The safe and easy to climb A-frame ladder makes entering and exiting the pool a cinch. It is sturdy and supports up to 300lbs.

Larger Options

The Oceania Weekender comes in two additional sizes – both an 18’ round or a 21’ round option. You may have more square footage in your yard than you know what to do with, or your home may be the hub for summer pool parties and entertainment. Either way, there is a perfectly-sized above ground pool for every family.

DIY Installation

You may choose to pay for professional installation, but this above ground kit is simple enough to install, with the right preparation and a few friends, in just one day.

Now that you have the information you need to make an informed purchase decision, we recommend reviewing our How to Install an Above Ground Pool article with detailed step-by-step instructions from preparation to completion.

You can also browse our large selection of Above Ground Pool Cleaners.

We hope you enjoy your Oceania Weekender Above Ground Pool Package! We always appreciate feedback in the comments section below or via a review on the product page.

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Kelsey Maxon
Kelsey was a Varsity swimmer in high school, so has spent PLENTY of time in chlorinated water. She sub-contracted her own pool build last summer and learned a TON about pool equipment and chemicals. While the pool and hot tub feel natural and relaxing, her happy place is a comfy pair of skinny jeans, a cup of coffee, having something to organize, and adventuring across the globe with her family.