One Pool, 66 Million Gallons of Water

When it comes to swimming pools, The San Alfonso Del Mar in Chile takes it to another level. The World’s Largest Swimming pool is 3,324 ft. long and 115 ft. deep! In case you can’t imagine what 66 million gallons looks like, we put together some material to show just how spectacular this pool is.

The pool at Chile’s San Alfonso Del Mar Resort was constructed by Fernando Fischmann and took about five years to build – to the tune of 1 billion dollars! The pool uses a pump and filter system which pumps water to and from the ocean to keep the pool clean. The constant filtration and circulation of ocean water allows the pool at San Alfonso Del Mar to use 100 times less chemicals than
a traditional swimming pool. Although there are chemicals used, Fernando Fischmann states there is no
harm to the ocean in the process. The cost of upkeep in the worlds largest swimming pool runs about 4 million dollars per year.

If you are planning on a trip to San Alfonso Del Mar, make sure you do your research. Call ahead and make your reservation, as the San Alfonso Del Mar Resort is not a hotel. The rooms are owned privately by residents and are rented out as single units. In addition to units, call ahead for the pool, gym and vessels. Boats often times have to be rented from residents and the pool and gym are closed on the off season. Checking the dates and reserving boats can save you on time and money and is highly recommended.
The pool at San Alfonso Del Mar offers over the top fun, great views with the relaxing sounds of waves crashing into the distance. It’s truly an outstanding feat, measuring the distance of about 6,000 standard pools, this pool is a once in a lifetime destination. Make sure you check your dates, cover your bases and pack your bags because this will be one for the books. Make sure you take plenty of pictures and let us know how it goes!
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