Our Favorite Pool Floats & Lounges this Summer

Summer time can mean a lot of things. Play time in the pool for the kids, poolside relaxation for you, and pool parties or river trips with family and friends. Having the best pool floats of the season only makes for a better summer, so we’ve decided to break down the best floats for your summer fun.

Under $50

From food inspired floats to floats shaped like animals, the hottest floats of the season are making big waves and have been photographed with the biggest celebrities. You can join in on the fun, and the best part is you can join the fun without breaking your wallet.

pineapple pool float

Gigantic Pineapple Float

  • Tropical Flavor Design
  • 6.5 feet tall
  • Double-thick vinyl
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The Gigantic Pineapple Pool Float is perfect for every pool day! Whether it’s a quiet pool day relaxing or a fun filled one with the kids, the Gigantic Pineapple is sure to brighten your pool day. The float is made in a delicious-looking pineapple design and it is made with a durable vinyl to last through even the toughest of pool days.

fruit slice island pool float

Fruit Slice Fun Island

  • Orange, lime, lemon, and watermelon design
  • 60 inch diameter
  • Dual as a lay out lounge or play island
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The food craze continues with Swimline’s Fruit Slice Fun Island Float. Lounge in your pool on a slice of summer time with the orange, lime, lemon, and watermelon design. Made with heavy duty vinyl and a 60 inch diameter, the fruit slice is perfect for catching some sun or an island for the kids to play on.

giant swan pool float

Ride-On Giant Swan

  • Fits two riders comfortably
  • 75 inch diameter for lounging
  • Handles on the neck
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The top float of the summer is Swimline’s Ride-On Giant Swan Float. Seen being used by some of the biggest names in Hollywood, the swan float is a must have. Whether it’s a play day or relaxation day, the swan is a perfect fit for both. Built with a 75” diameter, you can lay out and relax on the swan or ride along with a friend using the built-in handles found on the neck. Join the flock of customers and celebrities who have made this float part of their summer fun.

Between $50-$100

The fun you have in the water this summer isn’t confined to your pool, and you’ll find that these floats are perfect for the pool or river. With room for more people to join in on the fun, these float options can make a perfect pool day, or add some fun to any body of water.

labyrinth island pool float

Labyrinth Island

  • Nine non-mesh seating
  • Heavy gauge PVC construction
  • Perfect for any body of water
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The Labyrinth Island takes the party to the pool or any body of water. With room for nine kids this float is truly an island for play. The 90” x 90” float will really look like an island of fun in the middle of your pool, and with so much room everyone can swim up and join the party. The Labyrinth can take on all play since it is constructed of heavy gauge PVC.

margaritaville pool lounger

Margaritaville Double-Wide Over Sized Pool Lounger

  • Water-activated Margaritaville Parrot design
  • Constructed of thick vinyl
  • Easy inflate/deflate with Boston Dump Valve
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For the days you want to feel like you’re on a tropical island, hop on the Margaritaville Double-Wide Over Sized Pool Lounger. With the water activated Margaritaville parrot design you’ll not only look like you’re in paradise, but with the size of this float you’ll feel like you’re on your own island. This Margaritaville float will be your “go-to” float to take to any pool party, because of its easy inflate and deflate process.

Over $100

These summer time floats may have a bigger price point, but they will have the whole family enjoying the backyard pool or family lake trip. Larger in size these floats are built for fun in the sun wherever you go.

aqua treadmill island pool float

Treadmill Island

  • Tread up to 10 mph
  • Built-in sun shade
  • Heavy-gauge PVC material
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The Aqua Treadmill is a giant floating cog with a 48″ high center cockpit. The design allow up to three users to run, crawl and flip around the center cockpit to propel the float across the water.

wow water walkway pool float

Water Walkway

  • 6’ x 10’ Water Walkway Float
  • Built in zipper to attach to another Water Walkway
  • Perfect for larger bodies of water
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The Water Walkway Pool Float will have you practically walking on water. The 6×10 ft float can fit up to 6 adults at a time, and will bring the party to the water. If you run out of room on the float just add another Water Walkway to the other with the built in zipper to double the fun. The Water Walkway is perfect for basking in the sun or durable enough to play all day.

stadium islander water raft

Stadium Islander

  • 12 mesh seats
  • 12’ diameter
  • Build with heavy-duty PVC construction
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We’ve saved the biggest and best for last!
If you’re looking for a float to fit the whole party in, the Stadium Islander Water Raft is your float. The Stadium Islander seats 12 people, and has a 12’ diameter. The twelve mesh seats and large opening in the center allow for everyone to feel the cool water while enjoying the raft. This float is perfect for a trip to the river or lake, and you’ll never have to worry about floating away, just set the anchor. Built with heavy duty PVC, the Stadium Islander is built to last for many summers to come.