Overcoming Obstacles in North Texas

This week we’d love to give a shout-out to Scott and Donna Woods for their beautiful build in North Texas and thank them for including us in their process from beginning to end. The journey, though not entirely smooth, shows the progress of a beautiful pool and how the TFP community bands together to help support and solve common issues with pools.

The Woods family combined beautiful free flowing lines, water features and classic pool design complete with margaritas to plan their own personal oasis. Throughout the process the Woods family ran into obstacle after obstacle. From ice storms to the leaking scupper wall, the Woods had their work cut out for them. The TFP community rallied to support, which helped the family keep a positive attitude in spite of the hurdled. What rose out of misfortune was a beautiful saltwater pool and spa. The water features created a wonderful retreat for for many years to come.


The Dream

The design called for new concrete decking, saltwater pool with a Pebble Sheen Surface, a free-from spa, a baja step with gusher, scupper wall with three scuppers. The pool would be surrounded by bullnose cast concrete, custom stone work, and flanked by new landscaping.


Staring Out

Before the construction of the pool could begin the Woods family had some housecleaning. For starters, two trees needed to be removed to make room for the future oasis.

After the trees were removed, it was time to start the digging.


“They arrived at 7:30 this morning and started digging! Freezing cold this morning with horrendous winds! My hat’s off to these guys”.

The digging was done in one day. The following day, rebar was put in place along with with the plumbing for the pool and spa.


After plumbing passed inspection, gunite was poured, and the Woods paradise started to become a reality. Everything seemed to be going smoothly…


Facing Obstacles:

It’s wasn’t until the installation of the coping that problems started to become apparent.


“I noticed that the masons seemed to have placed the coping too close to where the curved wall was supposed to be – of course, when I mention it to them, they don’t speak English. Called Mr. Pool Builder, sent him photos and he tells me he is on his way. He arrives and measures his scaled drawing, measures the space and tells me it’s 16 ft just like the drawing. That’s interesting I say, because if you look at the bottom of the drawing it says 23 ft curved stone wall with scuppers. Now I’m concerned that I should have measured everything that they’ve already done. Argh!”


On the plus side, the rest of the plumbing was completed and the brushed concrete patio was finished, turning out as planned.


“Decking is in! I was almost as excited to get this part as I was the pool. It’s been painful not being able to use the back door and pretty treacherous trying to navigate the rebar and mud mountains while keeping the gunite watered”.

Just three days after the concrete was poured, North Texas was hit by a storm and froze over. This caused the build to be delayed from further progress.


“Day 3 of Icemageddon, Icepocalypse, frozen tundra! It may get above freezing for a few hours this afternoon but then refreeze tonight! I’m not hopeful that we will get any work done this week…”

Due to plaster’s limitations with cold temperatures, the build had to be postponed for a month. As soon as temperatures came back up, the crew was able to start plastering and the build was back on.


After what have must felt like a lifetime, the plaster was set ready for scrubbing. Because products like Wet Edge or Pebble Tec require aggregate be exposed, the pool has to be acid washed then scrubbed to remove some of the plaster, showing the final product.


After Scott had scrubbed the pool twice a day for two weeks, the pool was finally ready to fill! As soon as the pool was filled, more acid was poured, then neutralized to expose more aggregate.


The excitement was building. The backyard oasis was coming together perfectly, despite Icepocalypse. With the addition of just a few more items, the build was going to be complete. Hearts sank when the Woods family discovered very disturbing news.

“Houston – I think we have a problem! Equipment was turned on yesterday and everything ran all night including the scuppers, went out this morning and noticed this, looks like we have water leaching through.”


To make matters worse, it became apparent that the spa was also losing a noticeable amount of water.

The Woods family, the pool builder, and the stonemasons all tried to locate the problem with the scupper wall. No luck. However, the spa issue was resolved.

“The good news is the spa losing water was the check valve – apparently there was a lot of glue in the pipe and it was preventing it from opening and closing properly. Service tech cleaned out the glue and replaced the valve. Bad news is we had a pretty good size puddle out behind the pool, this is the second time it’s happened.”

Although the scupper issue is still apparent, the towel hasn’t been thrown in just yet. The Woods decided to put in a great addition to any backyard – an outdoor kitchen. The progress is looking great so far and compliments the stonework done on the pool.


The Finished Product

Although a great amount of effort was applied toward the scupper wall leak, the mystery remains unsolved. The backyard oasis is still being constructed and the issue will be resolved with some time.

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The build turned out beautiful. The community at TFP banned together to support the Woods family through the speed bumps along the way.

“Thanks I hope so too! Couldn’t have done it without this forum!”


Design Features:

21×34 in ground salt water pool
Pebble sheen finish
463 sq ft
89 perimeter
Bull nose cast concrete coping
2 in pool benches
Tanning ledge with gusher
3 12-inch stone scupper waterfalls
2 skimmers
Freeze guard
Volleyball sleeves
848 sq ft of decking

2 anti-vortex drains
2.0 hp blower Pentair Intelliflo 3050 vs+svrs
Pentair DE Filter
Nature 2 Fusion Chlorine Feeder
Polaris 280
Polaris PB4-60 Booster Pump
3 Pentair IntelliBrite Pool Lights
Pentair Mastertemp 400k BTU Heater
Pentair EasyTouch 8 Automation System


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