Paramount iJet: The World’s Only Self-Regulating Variable Speed Return

Paramount iJet Variable Return
The powerful and intelligent iJet by Paramount is here! It’s the ONLY self-regulating return that pairs perfectly with variable speed pool pumps. The iJet Variable Return operates at high and low RPM speeds consistently. Not only does this lead to a more efficient and higher performing product, but you’ll save on pump operating costs as well!
How does it work?
By automatically adjusting its orifice size, the iJet expands and contracts depending on the current flow rate setting, producing perfect water flow under all conditions.
paramount ijet return closeLow Speed
The iJet Return acts as a 3/8” eyeball when set to low speeds. This provides great agitation and circulation throughout the water. Having your pool pump set to a low speed maximizes the flow velocity of the return, increases the range of dispersion preventing buildup of algae, enhances pool chemical performance, reduces maintenance time, and results in a healthier pool environment.
High Speed
When the pool pump is set to a higher speed, the iJet Return acts as a 3/4” eyeball. This reduces the restriction, or back pressure, on your pool equipment, helping to prolong your pool pump’s lifespan.
Other Accommodations:The all-around convenience of using a Paramount iJet Return is fantastic. You’ll get the benefits of each return size with none of their usual faults. You can eliminate the need for buying different return sizes with a one-size-fits-all product that easily installs with a fitting size of 1-1/2” on threaded or slip returns. And each iJet Return has a one year limited warranty for peace of mind.
Single Speed Pumps:Have a single speed pump and interested in the Paramount iJet? You’re in luck! Combine these returns with a single speed pool pump and you can enhance flow velocity with un-equalized plumbing. They’ll also deliver more effective operation than a traditional return when your filter becomes clogged.
Choosing your iJet:All that’s left now is to choose your return type, pick a color, and find a package that fit your needs. Visit our Paramount iJet Variable Speed Return product page for details:

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