Pentair IntelliFlo series pool pumps earn ENERGY STAR certification!

IntelliFlo EnergyStar Certified!

In a press release today, Pentair announced that three of their IntelliFlo pumps were certified by ENERGY STAR, the voluntary labeling program recognized by most energy-conscious shoppers. Specifically, the IntelliFlo, IntelliFlo VF, and IntelliFlo VS+SVRS pumps were the first in the pool industry to have been certified, and will carry the ENERGY STAR label, starting March 1st, 2013.

From the release:

“According to ENERGY STAR, certified pumps will be, on average, 30-72% more energy efficient than standard models and save consumers approximately $160 per year, which equates to thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the pump, and will pay for themselves in under three years.”

PoolSupplyWorld has been an advocate for energy efficiency, and the IntelliFlo line, for some time. Recently, we even built an Variable Speed Calculator so that pool owners can estimate how much they can save by replacing a standard pool pump. You can enter information on your current pool, pump, and operation, and the calculator will compare that data (using estimated energy costs from your state) to the anticipated operating costs of the IntelliFlo variable speed pump.

But Pentair’s not stopping there!

“Pentair continues to partner with ENERGY STAR and has other variable-speed and two-speed pumps undergoing the certification process”

We are excited to be carrying all three of the certified pumps, and wish to congratulate Pentair on manufacturing the first pool pump ever to be able to carry the ENERGY STAR label!

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