Pentair IntelliFlo VS. Hayward EcoStar

Variable Speed pumps are gaining a lot of ground with pool owners. They run at much lower RPM speeds, increasing energy efficiency. Doing so saves pool owners money while improving the ability to generate more power for a spa or water features. In the past Pentair’s IntelliFlo pumps were amongst the most popular for pool owners making the switch. Today, Hayward is turning heads with some impressive results, but which pump is best?
intelliflo vs ecostar

  • Great reputation for reliability and longevity
  • Sealed permanent magnetic motor
  • Runs up to 3 HP
  • 8 pre-programmed speed options
  • Less energy efficient at lower speeds
intelliflo vs ecostar

  • Good reputation with reported issues with controller
  • Sealed permanent magnetic motor
  • Runs up to 2 HP
  • 8 pre-programmed speed options
  • More energy efficient at lower speeds

When compared, both cleaners prove to be very similar with minor differences. The IntelliFlo is a bit more powerful than the EcoStar, running up to 3 HP instead of 2 HP, but the EcoStar remains more energy efficient at lower speeds. To give you and idea of what this looks like, here are the numbers below

3450 RPM


  • 97 Gal Per Minute
  • 2720 Watts
  • 2.14 Gal/Watt-hr


  • 98 Gal Per Minute
  • 2324 Watts
  • 2.53 Gal/Watt-hr

1000 RPM


  • 30 Gal Per Minute
  • 140 Watts
  • 12.86 Gal/Watt-hr


  • 28 Gal Per Minute
  • 90 Watts
  • 17.5 Gal/Watt-hr
When it comes down to it, both pumps have their own strengths and weaknesses. The Hayward EcoStar has better energy efficiency and the Pentair IntelliFlo has a reputation for longevity with a proven track record. It’s a close battle between the two pumps and it really comes down to personal preference. Is a strong reputation and additional power important to you? Or are you really for that extra drop in energy consumption levels?In addition to preference alone, consider the brand of your existing pool equipment. Having one brand of pool equipment can prevent future problems and extend the lifetime of your warranty. Another bit of information worth looking into are state rebates. Several states offer rebates on variable speed pumps which can save you big! It’s always a good idea to check rebates available and any requirements before you make the jump to a variable speed pump.

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