Your Own Personal High-Rise Pool

Imagine stepping out of your condo to your balcony overlooking the city.  When a warm breeze brushes your face, you decide that it’s a perfect day to take a dip in the pool. So.. you climb into your balcony swimming pool, and continue to enjoy the view. That’s the vision of Hong Kong design company James Law Cybertecture, who designed plans for a high-rise building with a pool on every balcony.

bandra ohm 1

The Parinee Ism or Bandra Ohm is a 30-story high-end condo in Mumbai, India. The design is inspired by the ripple effect generated by water droplets, and the overall shape can be attributed to the shape of an Ohm (Ω). Each apartment in has its own personal infinity pool, which takes up the majority of the apartment patio. Because of this, the Parinee Ism plans have sparked a large amount of controversy, due to concerns around the safety of such a design.

bandra ohm 2

Much of the concern around the Parinee Ism can be attributed to the minimalistic approach to the pool design. The infinity pools are relatively small and sit on the patio of each apartment with nothing but glass between you and a potential 30-story drop. Many people are concerned about the strength of the pool wall and lack of safety features to keep one from falling off of the balcony.

The concern sounds valid to most people in the United States, but places like India have much more flexible building codes. Now under construction, the Parinee Ism will become a reality, regardless of such concern. Each condo will be about 5,800 sq. ft. and priced at 15 million dollars. For individuals who want to make a big statement and have the cash, the Parinee Ism will be sure to please. For most, the Parinee Ism will remain a dream that alwasy feels just out of reach.

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