Polaris 360 Pool Cleaner Install Guide

When opening up your new Polaris 360, the initial reaction can be intimidation, but we’re here to make things easy. Below we have put together a few easy steps that will get your Polaris 360 up and running quickly.

Polaris 360 package
Polaris 360 package

Today we’re going to install the Polaris 360 Automatic Pool Cleaner; much like other Polaris cleaners, we can have the Polaris 360 up and running in just a few steps. First, check to see if your swimming pool has a dedicated return line with a 1-1/2” female fitting. If you don’t have a dedicated refer line, please refer to your manual on page 5. Second, flush out the return line by turning the pump on for a minute and then turn it off.

The next step is to install the universal wall fitting (UWF) by disconnecting it from the quick connect and screw it on to the fitting.

Polaris 360 Wall Fitting

After installing the wall fitting, reattach the quick disconnect by inserting it into UWF. Turn it clockwise and pull.

Note: At this point If you have multiple return lines, eyeball regulators need to be installed in the lines to ensure adequate line pressure. Please refer to your manual for help with installing eyeball regulators.

Polaris 360 Eyeball Regulator
Polaris 360 Eyeball Regulator

Now, we need to test and adjust the water pressure. To do so, we need to connect the hose at the quick disconnect fitting. Then turn the pump on and cover the large hole with your thumb and confirm that water is coming out the pressure release valve at the end connected to the wall. If water isn’t coming out of the relief valve, there isn’t adequate pressure and refer to your manual for further instructions.

Polaris 360 Hose Connection

Next, we need to adjust the hose to fit the swimming pool. To do this, we need to connect the hose to the return line and hold the hose underwater then turn on the pump. Extend the hose to the farthest end of the swimming pool; the hose needs to be within 6” longer or shorter of the farthest point of the pool. If the hose is too long, cut the excess from the first section and reconnect it. If it is too short, extensions can be purchased here on our site. After the correct length is achieved, adjust the floats according to the diagram.

Polaris 360 Hose Length

Now we’re going to assemble the 360, first remove the pressure tester from the hose by unscrewing the hose nut and pull it off. Use this same nut to attach the hose to the pool cleaner body at the feed pipe. Next, pull the bag out of the cleaner body and attach bag tie collar to the feed hose. Then push the head float all the way in against the 360’s body. Now, place the Polaris 360 in the swimming pool and turn the filter pump on.

That’s it for assembly but we still need to check to make sure the wheels on the pool cleaner are spinning at the proper RPM. The manual states that the Polaris 360 Pool Cleaner needs to operate between 28 and 32 RPM. To check yours, mark one wheel tire, then turn the pump on and count the revolutions for a minute. If your count is outside the 28 – 32 range, refer to your manual for further assistance and help.