Polaris 9400 Sport Performance Review

The Polaris 9400 Sport robotic pool cleaner is a new spin on the Polaris 9300 Sport, designed to clean in-ground pool floors and walls with enhanced maneuverability thanks to its unique 4-wheel drive.
For 30 minutes, we tested the Polaris 9400 Sport in a 12′ x 24′ fiberglass, Roman shaped in-ground pool with a toe-kick ledge and a sun bench. We were really excited to run this performance test because the cleaner is currently brand new to the market, and there are very few first-hand accounts of how it handles in the water. Here’s what we found:
When we got to the pool, we discovered that we had grabbed the power supply for the 9300 and not the 9400 as we were leaving the warehouse, so we learned a valuable lesson: power supplies are model-specific; power supplies for the 9300 and 9300xi are not compatible with the 9400. Once we got that sorted out, we were ready to begin.
Like all robotic cleaners, very minimal installation was required: after plugging the power supply into our electrical outlet and plugging the cleaner into the power supply, we dropped the cleaner into the pool, waited for it to become waterlogged and sink, then we pressed the power button on the power supply and chose the operation cycle. The cleaner went to work immediately.
Polaris 9400 InstallationPolaris 9400 Installation
  • Fast installation
  • Power supply located on the included caddy cart
  • None related to installation
The 9400 cleans in a random pattern; it did not learn the pool configuration, so it didn’t show any signs of keeping track of where it had been and where it was going next. Despite this, it worked extremely quickly, covering nearly the entire pool floor in the 30 minute test period. However, because of its random pattern, it cleaned some spots multiple times.
Our swimming pool has shallow water at each end, sloping into a deeper middle, and the 9400 was able to handle the slopes without a problem. It collected both dirt and palm tree leaves and left the pool sparkling clean.
A new feature of the 9400 was its 4-wheel drive, and we were excited to see whether it was going to out-perform other cleaners with this tricky pool shape and swimmer’s ledge around the bottom of the pool floor.
While it cleared obstacles like drain covers and return jets without struggling, we were disappointed to see how it handled climbing vertically. It was not able to climb over the toe-kick, and, consequently, couldn’t clean any of the walls. We were also disappointed to see that it showed difficulty climbing 90 degree angles and likewise could not clean the pool’s steps or bench.
Polaris 9400 OperationPolaris 9400 Operation
  • Silent operation
  • Fast working
  • 4-wheel drive for better maneuverability and turning radius
  • Picked up both large and small debris
  • Could not climb over toe-kick
  • Could not climb 90 angles
  • Random cleaning pattern
  • Did not clean stairs or bench
If we could change one thing, what would it be?
A remote control would have enabled us to steer the cleaner toward any areas missed by its random cleaning pattern.
The wheels on the Polaris 9400 have an aggressive tread to help it grip surfaces and gain traction over obstacles. Another major highlight of its design is a large capacity filter canister that is accessed under the cleaner’s latching lid. The canister is easy to take out and simple to clean, making emptying debris hassle-free, unlike cleaners with filter bags.
Polaris 9400 DesignPolaris 9400 Design
  • Included caddy cart with power supply
  • Large-capacity filter canister
  • Filters down to 100 microns
  • Only one speed option
  • Needs a remote control
The fast operation and quick maneuverability of the 9400 means you’ll get great cleaning results in record time, provided you have the right pool type. Steer clear of the new Polaris if you have a swimmer’s ledge, or steps taller than the cleaner body (11”).
If you have any questions about the Polaris 9400, or any of the cleaners on our site, please give us a call. We’re always happy to help!