Pool Maintenance After a Pool Party

Pool Maintenance after pool party

Guess what season it is! Pool party season! Similar to the clean-up after a house party, your pool needs a little TLC when all the fun is said and done. Although we love our party-goers, they may bring some uninvited guests to the party: sweat, dirt, oil and sunscreen… just to name a few.

The increased amount of pollutants can change your water’s chemistry, which may lead to cloudy water and algae growth in your pool. Beat algae to the punch by pro-actively maintaining your pool’s water chemistry.


We recommend shocking your pool 1 – 2 days beforehand to boost the chlorine levels. Shock will not only sanitize the pool, but will allow you to maintain a good chlorine level. Do this in combination with either 3″ Chlorine Tabs or your Salt Chlorination System to combat any dirt and debris that join the party.


Water Features not only elevate the ambiance, but can also help circulate chlorine if attached to a filtration system. You can also add Chlor-Free oxidizers to help protect your pool from oils, sunscreens, and other pollutants during the pool party. This product will help keep your water clear while treating bacteria and algae.


Now it’s time to take action! If left untouched, your water may run the risk of having a low Chlorine level (creating the perfect breeding ground for algae). It is a good idea to Shock your pool after the party to boost the chlorine level. We recommend that you add shock at night to avoid burn-off from the sun during the day.

Make sure to run your Pool Pump for at least 8 hours after adding the shock at night. Debris and particulates will filter out by running your pump and circulating the water. Don’t forget to: skim the water surface with a Leaf Rake, empty the Skimmer Basket, then Brush your pool walls and steps/ladder and Vacuum the remaining debris. Last, but not least, you may need to clean the pool filter – for Cartridge Filters, you can rinse the filter cartridges with a garden hose. For Sand and DE Filters, make sure to backwash the dirty water.

Cannonball Contest!

A lot of water may have been lost during the cannonball contest, so make sure to check the water level. For your pool equipment to run properly, the water needs to be above the wall skimmer level. Simply add water with a garden hose to increase the water level. While you have the garden hose out, it’s always a good practice to spray down the pool deck for excess debris that may end-up in your pool.

After you have cleaned the pool and surrounding area, it’s time to test your water chemistry with the TF-100 or the Taylor Technologies K-2006. At a minimum, you should use a kit that can test for Free Available Chlorine, Cyanuric Acid, pH, Total Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness. We like to call this the ‘Balance of (Pool) Life’.

After your pool is back in tip-top shape, it’s time to plan for the next shindig! Enjoy!
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