Pool Prep Checklist – Spring Opening Tips

Pool Prep Checklist

At PoolSupplyWorld, we understand that a good pool experience begins with working equipment and healthy, clean water. Follow these simple steps to get your pool ready for a fun swim season!

✔ Check Your Pool Timer

  • Make sure your pool timer is set for the season. You may need to run it longer for the first few days, until the water is clear and filtered.

Empty the Pump Basket

  • Empty all debris and leaves from the pool pump basket.
  • Replace the pump basket if cracked or damaged. This is a quick and inexpensive fix. Find Replacement Pool Pump Baskets HERE.

Check the Pool Filter Pressure Gauge

  • Pressure should be at zero while the pool pump is OFF. If not a zero, we recommend that you replace the pressure gauge. Find a replacement pressure gauge for your pool filter HERE.

Check for Leaks in the Pool Equipment

  • Look for leaks around your pool pump, filter, valves and other equipment in the surrounding area.
  • Give us a call at 800-772-0467or shop online for replacement pool parts if you discover a leak in the equipment.

Lubricate O-Rings

  • This may be the easiest step to forget, but one of the most important.
  • Lubricate O-Rings in the pump lid, pool filter and backwash valves (if applicable).
  • Replace O-Rings if they are stretched or don’t seal tight. Find replacement O-Rings HERE.

Clean the Pool Filter and Backwash (if applicable)

Cartridge Filters

D.E. Filters

  • Backwash the D.E. Filter and add D.E. Powder, as needed.

Sand Filters

  • Backwash the Sand Filter. Replace the filter sand if its older than 3 years.

Check the Salt Cell

  • If you own a salt chlorination system, check the salt cell for calcium buildup. If buildup is present, we recommend cleaning the cell. Try using a Salt Cell Cleaner like EasyCare BeauTec. Make it easier by placing your Salt Cell on our Salt Cell Cleaning Stand.
  • If your pool salt cell is beyond repair, it may be time for a new cell. Shop replacement salt cells HERE.

Check the Automatic Chlorine Feeder

Inspect the Pool Cleaner

  • Check your pool cleaner for any cracks or broken parts.
  • Is there sufficient suction? Find the correct pool cleaner parts HERE.

✔ Empty the Skimmer Basket

  • Remember to empty debris from the skimmer basket. This will allow water to flow freely into the filtration system.

✔ Skim and Brush the Pool

  • Skim the water surface for floating debris. Then, brush the pool walls and floor for dirt that may have settled during the off-season.

✔ Test the Pool Water

✔ Balance the Pool Water

  • Using the results for your water test, balance the water with the associated pool chemicals.
  • For more information on what chemicals to use and when, visit our pool chemicals page HERE.