Poolside Recipes: Cucumber Gimlet


When we think of summer, we think of relaxing by the pool in the warm sun with a cold drink and good tunes. That’s why we’re putting our drink recipes to the test. We have assembled a team of highly qualified cocktail testers to give us detailed feedback about which drinks make the cut. If you have any comments or favorite cocktails you’d love to share leave a comment below or give me a shout out at [email protected].

Cucumber Gimlet:


English Seedless Cucumber
Simple Syrup
Lime Spritzer
2-3 Limes


Medium Sized Sauce Pan
Cutting Knife
Food Peeler (optional)
Shot Glass or Jigger


Step 1:

Begin by preparing  your simple syrup. You can buy simple syrup or cook your own. The recipe is “simple”. Add one part water to one part sugar and cook on high heat, whisking until dissolved. The sugar should dissolve just after the water comes to a rolling boil. Once the sugar is dissolved, allow to cool and put aside.


Step 2:

Cut or peel your cucumber and place in the blender with equal parts ice. Use a food peeler or a sharp knife to remove the skin of your cucumber.

Note: One cucumber will make about four drinks.



Step three:

Add one shot of vodka and one table spoon of simple syrup per drink. For example, a full cucumber will make four drinks requiring four shots and four table spoons of simple syrup. We are making one drink at a time requiring one shot. a fourth of a cucumber and one table spoon simple syrup. Blend until liquid consistency.


Step 4:

Mix with lime seltzer water. One part seltzer water to three parts blended mix. Top off with a little lime juice and enjoy!






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