Salt Sanitization Systems for Your Hot Tub / Spa

hot tub salt system

As a spa owner you may be looking for a way to sanitize your spa without the strong smell and the harsh chemicals that are traditionally used. There have not been many options in the past to keep the spa safe to lounge in, however, the industry is changing. The original method of putting chlorine or bromine tabs in a floater has been improved on by systems that use salt, salt feels much softer and silkier on your skin, to provide comfort and safety. The two-front runners in the industry are the Solaxx CLG02A Saltron Mini Portable Water Chemistry Maintainer for Spas and the American SPS NC1-120V Nexa Chlor Plug-In Natural Chlorine Generator up to 12,000 Gallons.

Solaxx CLG02A

solaxx water chemistry maintainer

The Solaxx Water Chemistry Maintainer is a great system for maintaining the chemicals in your spa. To install and begin using the salt chlorine generator you will need to ensure that the water is balanced. Once the unit is installed it will run daily on a timer. The unit is designed to be removed then replaced in the water after use.

  • 600 Gallons
  • 5 hour run time
  • 99.9% Salt or Solar Salt (4.2 lbs per 200 gallons to start up)
  • 3000 ppm salt required to generate chlorine

American SPS NC1-120V

american sps system

The American SPS system is designed for ease of installation and use. The system is held on by 4 industrial strength velcro strips and is meant to be removed while people are in the spa then replaced after use. A major benefit of the system is the short run time, as well as extra sanitization from the minerals.

  • 12,000 gallons
  • 1 hour or less run time daily (approximately 3 cycles of 15 minutes)
  • 1 bag of American SPS NM-SPA Nexa Dead-Sea Minerals for Spa (NM-SPA) per 250 gallons of water in your spa
  • 1500-200ppm salt required to generate chlorine

What are the Main Differences Between the Systems?

SystemSolaxx CLG02AAmerican SPS NC1-120V
InstallationEasy “Plug and Play”Easy “Plug and Play”
Salt in PPM30001500-2000
Set Up4.2 lbs of salt per each 200g of water1 Bag of Dead Sea Minerals per 250g of water
Nature 2 compatibleyesyes
Run TimeOn a timer, runs a few hours a day, depends on bather loadOn a timer runs 30 – 45 minutes a day, depending on bather load
Treats Spas up to600 gallons12,000 gallons

Important to Know

When looking at both systems, it is important to remember, that you will need to check the chemicals 2- 3 times a week. Both manufacturers also suggest having shock on hand for heavy bather loads as well as balancing the chemicals weekly. Other chemicals can be used in conjunction with the salt chlorine generators to ensure proper sanitization is achieved.

The Bottom Line

When you are looking at both of these systems it is a good idea to look at what you want for your spa. The Nexa Chlor will generate more chlorine at a faster rate, which means that this system is more efficient and better for small and large spas. The Saltron Mini on the other hand does not need the dead sea minerals for start up. Both systems will sanitize your spa, however, I would suggest the Nexa Chlor as it will take less time to generate chlorine and the extra minerals that this system uses helps keep your skin happy and healthy.