Turn Your Swimming Pool into a Smart Pool with the ScreenLogic2 Automatic Control System

Pentair ScreenLogic2 is Changing the Name of the Game

Out with the old and in with the new! Technology and swimming pool equipment are now one and the same! Whether you would like to heat up your hot tub on the way home from work, or create a beautiful light display during a fun night with friends, pool control is now possible from the palm of your hand. Forget to set your pool pump timer before leaving on vacation? Now you can easily control your pool equipment while on the move! Most of us have busy lifestyles, so why not embrace technology to help simplify pool maintenance and operations?

How does it work?

The ScreenLogic2 Interface connects to your Pentair IntelliTouch® or EasyTouch® automation system to gain access to your pool from practically anywhere in the world using your smartphone, computer, mobile digital device, Apple Watch, and now on the Amazon Echo™. After connecting the ScreenLogic2 Interface to your automation system, all you need to do is download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, search “Pentair” and download the most convenient swimming pool automation control system. Yes, you can literally control your swimming pool and spa features from your watch or phone!

Once you have installed the ScreenLogic2 Interface with your Pentair automation system, the configuration is a fairly simple process. You can add anything from your filtration system, pool and spa lights, landscape lighting or other Pentair automation equipment.

Cut the cable by adding the ScreenLogic Interface Wireless Connection Kit. This kit includes two radio transmitters that eliminate the need to run cable from the Load Center into the home where the protocol adapter and wireless router are located. One more innovative product from Pentair to turn your swimming pool into a smart pool. To make things even easier, PoolSupplyWorld offers a discounted bundle that includes both the ScreenLogic2 Interface and Wireless Connection Kit.

You can also monitor your pool’s maintenance history (pool temps, lighting times, energy consumption, etc). Historical data allows users to monitor energy use for your pool equipment, which provides a convenient way to help you conserve energy in the future.

What other accessories can be used with this system?

Screen Logic 2

  1. Personal Computer: Conveniently control your pool’s automation system from the comfort of your own home.
  2. Mobile Device: iPad, iPad Touch, iPhone, Apple Watch, Android mobile device, or Amazon Echo™ – Amazon Echo™ and other devices can now take advantage of the ScreenLogic skill. Verbally interact with Alexa and the IntelliTouch or EasyTouch system, to request information from your pool such as temperature, pH or ORP level, and other various pool and spa functions.
  3. In-Wall Touch Screen: Similar to the wireless tablet, the in-wall touch screen allows pool owners to manage their pool’s equipment system from inside their home.
  4. Wireless Tablet: The Pentair Wireless Tablet is another nice accessory when it comes to easy and accessible pool control.
  5. EasyTouch Indoor Control Panel: The Indoor Control Panel allows uses to control their EasyTouch automation system without the need to go outside.
  6. MobileTouch™ or EasyTouch Wireless Remote: The MobileTouch™ for IntelliTouch and the EasyTouch Wireless Remote are both convenient ways to control and monitor your pool from the indoors. Forgot to set your timer? No need to run out to the pump when you can just program the timer setting from the comfort of your own home.
  7. Wireless Router: To connect your IntelliTouch or EasyTouch system to the ScreenLogic2 Interface.
  8. Protocol Adapter: The Protocol Adapter connects to your wireless router and is included with each ScreenLogic2 system.
  9. IntelliTouch or EasyTouch Control System Power Center: Each unit controls the filter pump plus any auxiliary circuits that you can customize for your pool and/or spa equipment.
  10. MobileTouch and IntelliTouch Control System Transceiver Antenna: This will communicate information from the IntelliTouch power center back to the MobileTouch Wireless Remote.
  11. ScreenLogic2 Interface Wireless Connection Kit (not pictured, see below): This kit allows the Load Center to communicate directly with the ScreenLogic2 Interface, with no need to run a cable from the pool equipment to your house.

Interface Kit options:

ScreenLogic Bundle

SKU: 522104
This kit includes the Pentair ScreenLogic2 Interface Kit and the Wireless Connection Kit. The ScreenLogic Bundle allows users to remotely control the pool, spa, and lighting from mobile devices and computers.

as low as:

pentair screenlogic

ScreenLogic2 Mobile Device Interface Kit

SKU: 520500
Allows control of IntelliTouch Automation pool/spa systems via local wifi signal or remotely via cellular network.

as low as:

pentair screenlogic interface kit

ScreenLogic Interface Wireless Connection Kit

SKU: 522620
This kit creates a wireless connection between your pool’s Load Center and the wireless router in your home. The ScreenLogic Interface Connection Kit replaces the older version, SKU: 521964.

as low as:

screenlogic interface wireless kit


Closing Thoughts

To summarize, the Pentair ScreenLogic2 provides one of the easiest solutions to pool control and automation. If you are looking to simplify your pool’s maintenance schedule, or want to have total control while on the run, the ScreenLogic2 Interface kit is a grand slam!

For those pool owners that do not own a Pentair automation system, but are interested, please contact our helpful staff at 800.772.0467. We will be happy to point you in the right direction! PoolSupplyWorld also offers many other great automation systems from industry leading brands like Jandy, Hayward, Intermatic, and Autopilot. Browse our large selection of over 400 automation products HERE.

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