SmartPool’s 7i Robotic Pool Cleaner: The Climbing Robot

smartpool 71 robotic pool cleaner
Take a look at the new SmartPool 7i Climbing Robotic Pool Cleaner! This powerful cleaner is fantastic for cleaning and brushing your in ground pools floor and walls. Designed with the busy home-owner in mind, the SmartPool 7i requires no installation and is energy efficient. This robotic pool cleaner brings you plenty of features and benefits that keep your swimming pool free of dirt and debris.Energy EfficiencyMoving throughout your swimming pool while using as little energy as possible keeps this pool cleaner as long-lasting as possible. Since the SmartPool 7i runs independently from your filtration system and uses an independent power supply, it prolongs the life of your equipment, saves you time, and saves you money.Debris Substances

The handy Brush-to-Port suction allows the cleaner to vacuum up larger substances such as acorns, leaves, and even fine debris. Suction is produced around the entire pool cleaner’s body and directly below the unit to ensure that every piece of debris is captured and removed.

Lightweight and Compact Design

In addition to an already compact construction, the 7i Climbing cleaner uses an effective quick-drain system that allows water to drain out the front of the pool cleaner with speed, making it easier for you to remove and store the unit.

Direct-Drive Motor

This robotic pool cleaner uses direct-drive motors that help it to defeat obstacles that traditional pool cleaners would get stuck on. This feature allows the 7i to keep a consistent cleaning cycle without getting stuck on main drains or skimmers.

Additional Features

The SmartPool 7i Climbing Robotic Pool Cleaner uses a cleaning cycle of either one or three hours with a shut off time after the cycle completes, uses a 50’ cable, and is floor and wall specific. It is suitable for in ground pools up to 20’ x 40’ x 8’ deep. It also includes a one year limited warranty through SmartPool to ensure your product is in working condition.

The 7i Climbing Robotic Pool Cleaner by SmartPool is a great, eco-friendly option for in ground swimming pools. Keep your pool clear of dirt and debris with the 7i Climbing Robotic Pool Cleaner.

smartpool 7i robotic pool cleaner

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